Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School




Children are placed in one of four dragon teams:


  • Firedrake dragon - Red team
  • Lemisch dragon –Yellow team

  • Masingi dragon –Green team

  • Anzu dragon – Blue team


All adults in school have dragon cards and these are awarded for Caring Helping And Sharing.  The children can earn them whenever they do something which is Caring Helping And Sharing, anywhere in school and at any time throughout the day. Dragon cards are collected at the end of the week.


Dragon cards are each worth 1p and each dragon team is linked with a chosen charity. Totals are converted into cash and this money can then be used by the team to develop creative and innovative ways of supporting their charity.


Linear groupings take place each half term, where children in all year groups work together to plan and develop their charity work.





All children  have a Learning Profile which outlines their individual, personalised targets. When a child has achieved two of their targets, they receive a merit stamp in their Learning Profile and a Special Mention during assembly.





At the end of each term, merit badges are awarded to the children who have attained the most merit stamps in their Learning Profiles.





Each week, one CHAS (Caring Helping And Sharing) sticker may be awarded by each teacher to a child who has shown themselves excel in this area.