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Half Term Information Sheet


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This half term's Special Mention 

 Friday 7th September: CHAS to Harry for making everyone in Acorn class feel welcome and for always including everyone in his games and activities

Friday 14th September: CHAS to Matthew for taking care of new children in our class and making them feel welcome by inviting them to join in his play.

Friday 21st September: CHAS to Stanley for helping friends in the classroom when they were feeling sad or upset. Stanley has introduced himself to everyone who comes in our class and makes them feel welcome.

Friday 28th September: CHAS to Harley for always being kind to his friends in Acorns, and making such a great start to this year

Friday 5th October: CHAS to Kayla for always being a lovely friend and for always helping out around the classroom

Friday 12th October: Adrian for helping his friend with their maths work and for always trying his hardest.


 Friday 7th September: SM to Lydia for lovely colour mixing when painting pictures 

Friday 14th September: SM to Adrian for his fantastic maths work

Friday 21st September: Billy for helping to clean the painting area when nobody else would, and Scarlett for her lovely writing

Friday 28th September: SM Ivan for his amazing drawings of dinosaurs and for thinking of some fantastic dinosaur names of his own

Friday 5th October: SM to Scarlett for her lovely independent phonic work

Friday 12th October: SM to Harry for working hard in maths 



Wow Moments!    

  We loved making yummy gingerbread men to help us with our interest of the gingerbread man story. They were really yummy even though they came out of the oven as funny looking gingerbread men.

We made some lovely planets to hang in our classroom and help us to understand the universe and space

Our maths work is FANTASTIC, we always put 100% into it and are really enjoying learning new ways to work with number.

We have really tried hard this week to understand what mental health is and talk about worries. We have talked about how it is okay to have worries and how we can always talk to an adult about how we feel, or how we think somebody else may be feeling. 

Early Years Information

We are starting to look at the story 'Stick Man' next week and are planning to take an Autumn walk around our woodland area. We are very excited to see all our families and friends coming to watch us at the Harvest celebration coming up soon.