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Half Term Information Sheet


This half term's Special Mention

29 June 2018- Daisy got a special mention for being my little helper this week and even staying in some of her lunch time to help me set up lots of messy Mission lessons. Well done and thank you Daisy!

22 June 2018- Tegan got a special mention this week for her outstanding Mission work in particular her bar chart showing festival statistics, well done Tegan!

15th June 2018- Our special mention went to Zac again this week for a very special reason. Zac ran 5 laps of the rugby pitch last Friday in just 8 minutes 44 seconds raising £1500 for a charity very close to him and his family. Such an amazing thing to do Zac we are very proud well done

8th June 2018- The first special mention of the half term goes to Zac for his great Mission work this week, creating a fantastic timeline of the history of festivals. Well done Zac!


This half term's CHAS

29 June 2018- Rosie got to take home CHAS for really trying hard to think about her behaviour and be a good friend. I have seen a massive improvement, well done Rosie!

22 June 2018- CHAS went home with Dalton for being really helpful and thoughtful offering to do jobs and tidy up the classroom. Well done Dalton!

15th June 2018- CHAS has gone home with Bradley for always being such a lovely friend and caring for others, well done Bradley

8th June 2018- CHAS has gone home with Jen for always being such a polite, kind and hardworking member of the class. Well done for being a great role model 



This is the mission possible homework booklet for Chestnut class. The home learning activities are linked to areas of mission that we are focusing on in class to help develop their skills in different areas of the curriculum. 



What we've been doing this week

Week 4:

We have been really hard at work in Mission this week. We created festival wristbands to wear at our summer festival and learnt how to sew on buttons and beads. We then made some musical instruments out of a wooden spoon, wool and beads. They produced some amazing instruments.

In Maths we have been doing some outdoor learning seeing what number sentences we could make using different leaves and showing off everything we know. We also did some assessment papers and I was really proud at how hard the children tried as we know they can be scary.

In English we have begun writing our own adventure stories after lots of planning and preparation.

The children have loved reading Charlottes Web as their whole class reading book and we are almost at the end.

Zac was in the newspaper last week for his amazing fundraising! Well done Zac.

Week 3:

In Music today the children put their wonderful singing and great dance moves together in time with the music to create a performance... next week we get to add the instruments.

In English we are looking at adventure stories. We were given a picture of a character and discussed their interpretations of who they thought they were and developed them through hot seating. They were then given a scenario where they had to in pairs/threes add their characters in to the scenario. They then wrote down their ideas diving them up into what could happen in the middle, beginning and end of the story.

In SPaG we helped each other practice our spellings this week looking at different methods and their effectiveness.

In our Maths and Mission we have been looking at festival statistics, collecting data and presenting them in different ways. With it being the World Cup we decided to do some football themed fraction work.

In Mission we created a logo for our own upcoming school festival using lots of different materials. We then used the laptops to recreate our logo with the different effects on Purple Mash. 

Well done to Jen, Zac and Missy who represented our school at Quad kids last week.


Week 2:

This week in Maths we looked at the grid method for working out multiplication of 2 digit numbers. The children used different resources to check their partners work.

In English we worked in pairs to edit and improve our recounts of a camping trip. The children then chose how they wanted to record down their final draft of their recount. Some typed them up on laptops, others hand wrote them up in their best handwriting and others used the iPads to record themselves reading their recounts.

In SPaG we looked at different methods to use to help us learn our spellings. We discussed and shared our favourites and which we thought were most effective and put them to the test.

In Mission we continued with our 3 activities and produced some amazing work that will be going up on our Mission display.

Thank you to parents for coming to our sports day and well done to all of the children for taking part and giving it their best effort!

Week 1:

In Mission we have stated off by looking at some family festival clips so that all children have basic knowledge of what a festival is and what it entails. We then started to develop our knowledge through 3 rotating activities.

Activity 1: The children choose an adjective to describe a festival.They then write this adjective in bubble writing on their A3 card and design their own festival in the letters using the visual aids on the table.

Activity 2: The children are to order cards that have information and years of different festivals on them in chronological order. They are to use these to create their own information cards and place them on their own timeline to show the history of festivals.

Activity 3: After watching the video of a festival the children are to write a descriptive piece of writing to describe what a festival is like and to draw an image to go with this.

In Maths we have been looking at number sequences playing different group games to work out missing number patterns. Our favorite activity of the week was the one where as a group the children chose a card which told them to add or subtract a 2 digit number for example -40 and a number to start with for example 260. The children would then go round each person on the table and they would have to say/write what their number would be, taking away 40 each time. Once the children all had the correct number they would write their number sentence in their book then choose a new card.

In English we are looking at recounts. We watched a clip of a cartoon called 'Little Bill' and this clip showed him going camping- linked to our Mission of festivals. The children watched the clip and took down notes about what happened in the video. We discussed if we needed to note down every single thing that happened or if we just needed to include some points and discussed why. We have then began using these notes to draft our own recount of what we watched as if we were Little Bill going camping.

In SPaG we have been looking at suffixes, recapping what a suffix is, finding examples and looking at the rules of adding suffixes which the last letter of a word is a vowel/a consonant.

In PE we have been hard at work practicing our sprinting, egg and spoon race and the sack race for sports day next week 

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