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Half Term Information Sheet


This half term's Special Mention

17th November- Lilly for her impressive maths work, working out the sums from the word problems

10th November 2017- James for his beautiful firework art 

3rd November 2017- Lorelai for her amazing poetry and 'wow'ing the class with her ideas

This half term's CHAS

17th November- Dalton for his positive attitude towards his learning and kindness to others 

10th November 2017- Daisy for helping and teaching others when they weren't sure in Mission

3rd November 2017- Ruby for helping others identify the poetry features in our Polar Bear poem

Last week's attendance



This is the mission possible homework booklet for Chestnut class. The home learning activities are linked to areas of mission that we are focusing on in class to help develop their skills in different areas of the curriculum. 



What we've been doing this week

Week 3:

Children in need day was a massive hit, we had a lovely morning creating some posters and putting them up around school and doing Pudsey Bear activities. In the afternoon we had a school karaoke and we raised lots of money for the charity by coming in in our colourful and spotty outfits.

In Mission we focused a lot on good team work this week and really showed this off through our team presentations on different areas of interest and scoring each others work based on how they worked together to present it and their presentation skills. I scored all of the presentations 5/5, I was really impressed!

We created some amazing pieces of art for the winter display in the hall. Their shape poems and collage antlers really wow'd us all!

In French we looked at the similarities and differences in French and English names and the children researched their own names to see if it had a meaning, where it came from and if it was different in French.

It was our last session on poetry this week for a while so we had an all practical lesson really showcasing our knowledge of poetry features.

As it has been anti-bullying week we had a class discussion about what we think bullying is, and what we can do if they or someone they know is being bullied.


Week 2:

In Maths we have been continuing Division and working really hard counting in our 3's and 4's to help us solve word problems.

Our Arctic poetry work this week in English has been so impressive, the children have come up with some amazing ideas for their poems about their Mission team winter animal.

In Music we have concentrating on the 'E' note and finding the pulse in music to help us play along to the rhythm of songs on the glockenspiel.

We have been getting creative for our Bonfire Night artwork creating some beautiful master pieces and discussing how we could improve the ones we practiced at the start of the week to make these ones even better.

In our Mission the research in to Arctic animals continues with the children using virtual teachers to help them create a presentation of their own that they can present to the rest of the class about what they have learnt about in their teams so far.

This week we also had a lovely parents evening where I got the opportunity to tell mums/dads/carers all about how great all the children are doing so far this year.


Week 1:

 In Maths we have started looking at multiplication, in particular multiples of 3s and 4s and began solving missing number problems

For the first couple of weeks we will be doing poetry in English. We wrote some acrostic poems for Halloween and have looked at the different types of poems and their features.

Our Mission this half term is about Arctic animals and their habitats. The children investigated what mysterious objects they found in old objects which they discovered to be antlers. They have then began researching different animals they could have come from and where those animals live.

Chestnut have started indoor athletics in PE and created their own games on Wednesday with the coach.

In PSHE we have been celebrating everyone's differences looking at who they have in their family and who they live with.

In French we continue to practice our numbers song and learn how to great each other and ask 'what is your name?'

Our SPaG tasks have been about proper nouns and common nouns this week, getting to grips with the difference between them.

We also had a lovely Halloween afternoon with Halloween crafts, sweets and the Grinch's Halloween film.


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