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Recommended Reading List

Here is a useful video with how to pronounce the sounds in words if your child is struggling with sounding out words when they are reading and you are wanting to help them with sounding out the words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYx1CyDMZSc

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Half Term Information Sheet


This half term's Special Mentions 

Week 1: Well done to Eliza who got a special mention for her fantastic positive attitude towards her work this week

Week 2: Ryan got a special mention on Friday for his continued hard work in lessons. Even when work is hard he is very resilient!

Week 3: Special mention went to Peter-Joseph for his amazing work in Maths. He has been so hard working and not given up when it's got hard!

Week 4: Well done to Christopher who got a special mention on Friday for his fantastic concentration in Maths

Week 5: Samuel got a special mention for his amazing homework last week and his lovely photos he brought in for Maths day. He invented a futuristic fridge that you could speak to and it would have in what ever food you asked for!
Ethan also got a special mention and was nominated by Mrs Moore for his outstanding work in his Maths intervention

This half term's CHAS 

Week 1: Well done to Yuki who got CHAS for playing really nicely with others this week and being a good friend

Week 2: Well done to Jamie who got CHAS on Friday for always being kind to others, especially his brother!

Week 3: CHAS went home with Freddie for always being caring, helping and sharing 

Week 4: Lucy got to take home CHAS for trying so hard to be a good friend and play nicely with others

Week 5: CHAS went home with fletcher for trying SO hard last week to make the right choices and listen to what he had been asked to do. He did a super job


What we've been doing

 In English we have been looking at shape poems and picking out effective language and discussing why it is effective. We have watched the short film 'The Rocketeer' and have been coming up with different sentence types about The Rocketeer to include in our own shape poems. We have been looking at conjunctions, onomatopoeia, similes and adjectives to include. 
The children have finished their shape poems and they look fantastic! They have evaluated them making sure they included all of the features we wanted them to and have written something they are proud of about they work and something that they could make it even better if they did it again.

We moved on to writing our own instructions about how to make the Rocketeer's rocket which we made in Mission. The children used all of the features of an instruction text, set it out correctly themselves and edited and improved their own work. 


In Maths, we have been working on division. We are now confident with how to divide a 2-digit number by a 1 digit number using equipment and equal groups. We are now moving on to looking at dividing 2 digit and 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers using the bus stop method.
The children are making good progress with dividing bigger numbers using the bus stop method. We will soon be moving on to applying these within word problems.

We have been looking at how multiplication and division are the inverse of each other and some number sentences can be written different ways and some cannot. We have looked at using what we have learnt about multiplication and division and applied these when solving word problems and missing number problems.


In Mission we have we have been researching lots about technology and how it has changed over time. We have created timelines, posters and evaluated different pieces of technology. 
We have looked at Morse code as a way of communication and have been writing our names and birthdays and using torches to decode secret messages from our friends.
We have created our own rockets to help us write our instructions in English. We looked at some old board games as alternatives for iPads etc as entertainment.
We created decorations to celebrate the Chinese New Year.


In PSHE we have been discussing what different challenges people face and how we can help and understand these.
We have been thinking about our own dreams and goals and what we would like to achieve now and in the future.

In PE we have been practising our dribbling skills in football and have been applying these in small 5 a side games.
In week 2 we have been developing our passing skills and again been applying these within games.


I have been so impressed by our homework so far and can't wait to see much more over the next few weeks!


In week 2 we won the Eco award which we are very proud of!


We had a fantastic Maths day for the NSPCC. We used arrows to create our own tessellations. We also made up some word problems about pictures children had brought in with numbers on and finally made some clocks to help us with telling the time.

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