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Half Term Information Sheet

This half term's Special Mention

17th November 2017 - George for his brilliant writing to describe the penguin in Lost and Found. 

10th November 2017 - Oliver and Cohen got Special Mentions this week for their fantastic maths work when counting in 2s, 5s and 10s!

3rd November 2017 - Naomi got a Special Mention for working so hard to match up the rhyming words from Room on the Broom and then doing some fantastic writing in the following lesson. 

This half term's CHAS

17th November 2017 - Sienna is taking CHAS home for being a polite member of the class and for always using her manners!

10th November 2017 - Jessica got to take CHAS home this week for being a very thoughtful member of the class.

3rd November 2017 - CHAS goes home with Abigail for being a caring member of the class and for helping other children on the playground at lunchtime.  

Last week's attendance



This is your child’s Mission possible Homework Booklet for Autumn 2. The home learning activities are linked to the Mission that the children are focusing on and they will be carefully chosen to develop different skills in relation to a variety of curriculum subjects.

What we've been doing this week

The highlight of the week was definitely when Janet from Warburtons came to do some bread making with us. We learnt all about healthy eating first, then got to taste bread before making our own hedgehog bread bun!

We have continued with our writing and learning about Lost and Found this week in English. Some of us have been describing the penguin, we have been making winter artwork and also writing wanted posters. 

In science we were learning about groups of animals with Miss Clark. We will continue to learn about this next week. 

For Children In Need we had a karaoke! Some children got to perform, however, time did run out so the others will perform next week.  

We have loved learning a counting in 5s song, it has really helped us to learning how to do this. I have put the link on here for the children to watch and sing along at home. 


Some children have been using Phonics Play at home to practise their phonics. Any extra phonics work will support your child in class. 


Wow moments!

Week 3

  • Peter wowed Miss Moughan in RE when he was doing a collage of a donkey when learning about the Christmas Story. 
  • Jessica and Noami's Christmas Story collages were brilliant!
  • Abigail and Myla's character descriptions of characters from the Christmas Story were fantastic! Miss Moughan was super impressed!
  • Daniel tried so hard when sewing a gingerbread man!
  • Joe has tried really hard to join up his letters when writing this week, well done. 
  • Isabelle's gingerbread man collage was lovely, she tried so hard and concentrated superbly.  
  • All of the boys and girls have just about perfected the songs for our nativity. Words will follow next week!

Week 2

  • Macie, Yuki, Samuel, Jack, Naomi, Isabelle, Isabella and Courtnie did some brilliant research on feely books in their Mission Possible team. 
  • Peter, Joseph, Will and Mia worked brilliantly together to make an Arctic small world scene to make the penguin feel more at home until we can get him home!
  • Wow to all of the boys and girls on our Farm to Fork trip to Tesco in Selby. All of the staff at Tesco said how well behaved they all were. 
  • Amber and Alfie have really stood out as having a 'ready to learn' attitude this week. Well done!
  • Cohen was amazing with his work on counting in 5s and 10s on Wednesday! 

Week 1

  • Wow to Yuki, Isabella, Joe and Samuel for working very confidently with 3-digit numbers in maths. 
  • Peter and Zach worked great together when planning for our Mission. 
  • Daisy and Isabelle were perfect partners in Mission Possible. 
  • Myla is ALWAYS sat lovely and waiting to learn - she is always wowing the adults and other children with this!
  • Isla made a brilliant spider on our Halloween day. 
  • Amelia has been working with the water wall outside and was trying to work out the problem of how she could catch the water. She kept moving the bucket and finally made sure the water ended up in the bucket. Well done! 

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We had to try and find the different fruits and vegetables in the store.
We had to try and find the different fruits and vegetables in the store.

Trying some cheese!
Trying some cheese!

We went in the freezer at Tesco. It was very cold
We went in the freezer at Tesco. It was very cold