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In Willow class we are all superheroes and we never let anything defeat us!

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Summer 1:

What we have been doing

Spring 2:

This half term we have really delved into our 'Extreme Earth' topic. We have looked at the structure of the earth, how volcanoes are formed, how earthquakes occur and briefly visited other natural disasters. From this we have created a range of art and design pieces our own individual ways, we even made our own 3D volcanoes!

During Mission science we have been investigating habitats, what they are, different types as well as how ecosystems work. We began to look at how habitats are being destroyed in a range  of ways and how we can prevent this happening. We discovered that our own habitat, out planet is being destroyed by the greenhouse effect and the ever disappearing ozone layer. We are striving towards becoming more ecofriendly and we hope to win the eco award in the summer term. 

In PE we have been lucky enough to have the coach, we have been working on futsal techniques and eventually working up towards a full game!

In Mission English we have come superheroes and saved the world from an extreme natural disater which occurred in England. We saved the world in our different ways using our own unique powers/skills. We have written some fantastic pieces of work which have been published in our class Superhero book.

Throughout the term, in Mission Maths, we have mastered fractions, decimals and multiplication in a range of different ways and we cannot wait to apply this further next half term when we look at measurement and statistics.


Half Term Information Sheet

 Summer 1:

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