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This Half Term's Special Mention

Friday 20th April - Our Special Mention this week went to Haithem.  Haithem has made a great start in his new maths group, completing all work to the best of his ability and independently.  Well done Haithem. 

Friday 27th April - Our Special Mention in Willow Class went to Iwan on Friday.  Iwan achieved a spectacular 35 points on our challenging game of spelling card bingo.  Very impressive. 

Friday 4th May

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This Half Term's Chas


Friday 20th April - CHAS went home with Maria because she is always kind, considerate, helpful and happy.  Maria is a great role model and always has lovely manners.  Well done Maria. 

Friday 27th April - CHAS went home with Katie for the week on Friday.  Katie is great at helping everyone in our class by showing them her great attitude towards learning.  Katie is a gold traffic light girl, well done Katie. 

Friday 4th May

Friday 11th May

Friday 18th May

Friday 25th May


Last Week's Attendence


This is the Mission Possible Homework Booklet for Willow class. The home learning activities are linked to areas of Mission that we are focusing on in class to help develop their skills in different areas of the curriculum. 

What we've been doing this week

Week 1:

We have had a very successful first week back at school in Willow Class! The children have all come back with excellent attitudes towards learning and I have seen lots of enthusiasm to get started on our Mission.

On Friday Willow and Chestnut went on an Easter egg hunt looking for eggs with their initials on. They were very fast at hunting and it was a lovely sunny afternoon.  

In English we are looking at newspaper reports. On Friday week we spent  time coming up with interview questions and answers looking at who, what, when, where, why and how about the upcoming Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We then used the questions and answers to perform an interview between a reporter and Meghan/Harry. The children really enjoyed taking on the role of a royal and found out so many new facts about the royal couple and their upcoming wedding.

In Mission the children’s challenge was to use news articles and pictures of Meghan and Harry to create a ‘knowledge collage’ of all the information they had found out about the Royal couple and their wedding. The children then presented this information to the class. We also looked at different members of the Royal family and looked to see if we could say how each of them were related to one another. We used this information to create our own Royal family tree.

In Maths we have been looking at mental Maths skills. Each group took part in a range of activities to develop their skills and confidence in this area. We will now be doing a mental Maths test every Monday morning to help the children improve with this.

I am looking forward to another exciting and positive week next week with Willow Class.

Week 2:

The children have continued with excellent attitudes towards learning this week and I have seen lots of enthusiasm to get started on our Mission.

We moved on to look at Time this week and Mrs Soper’s group were getting to grips with number squares and multiplication squares. By the end of the week the children in this group were all confident when using a multiplication square independently.  We focussed on analogue and digital clocks in my group and Miss Frier’s group, with my group being challenged to use 24 hour clocks.

In English we have been looking at the difference between facts and opinions, before writing the information that we had discovered about the Royal wedding in our Mission lessons in to columns for our newspaper article.  On Friday we planned headlines, images, subheadings and captions to finalise our articles.  The end results were amazing and really did impress me.

We took on the role of Royal Portrait Artists this week and developed our understanding of using sketching pencils.  Firstly the children used tracing paper to begin to understand the faces that they would be studying for the week (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle).  Following this the children used a grid method to accurately sketch the royal couple.  The children really concentrated on their portraits and we saw some lovely use of pencils to shade and sketch.

We introduced our new behaviour management system, which is a traffic light approach.  The children were enthusiastic about this and we have already seen lots of children on silver and gold traffic lights.  Parent’s afternoon/evening was a great success and I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to catch up with parents/carers to discuss the children’s progress.

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Week 6:

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