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Governance Statement

Annual statement - 2020


Annual Governance Statement for the governing body of Whitley and Eggborough Community Primary School
July 2020

Annual Governance Statement for the governing body of Whitley and Eggborough Community Primary School July 2020

The role and Responsibilities of the Governing Body:-

The governing body is the strategic lead of our school with a vital role to play in making sure every child gets the best possible education.

This is undertaken through a strong focus on three core functions:

  1. ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  2. holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and
  3. overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Although governors are volunteers they have a demanding role that requires skill and professionalism. The board of governors is accountable to Ofsted for its effectiveness and as a result is reviewed to ensure it has a clear focus on the three core functions.

This is judged by the extent to which :-

  • - it contributes to the schools self-evaluation and understands its strengths and weaknesses, including its own work
  • - it supports and strengthens the school leadership, including by developing its own skills
  • - it provides challenge, and holds the headteacher to account for improving the quality of teaching, pupils’ achievement and pupils' behaviour and safety
  • it ensures solvency and probity and that the financial resources which are made available to the school are managed effectively
  • it uses performance management systems to improve teaching, leadership and management
  • it operates in such a way that statutory duties are met and priorities are approve
  • it engages with key stakeholders and uses resources provided to overcome barriers to learning

The Constitution of the Governing Body of Whitley and Eggborough Community Primary School (reviewed in 2020) requires it to be made up of:-

  • 4 parent governors
  • 2 co-opted governors
  • 1 local authority governor
  • the head teacher
  • 1 staff governor
  • and one non-voting Associate Governor - the business manager (appointed for her specific expertise and experience).


All Governors are appointed for their specific skills and experience and this can be identified from the school website.

Recruitment of governors - only parent governors are subject to a voting system if required.

 The governing body has a program of meetings throughout the school year and committees with responsibility for specific areas of governance. The full governing body meets five / six times a year.  The finance committee also meets five / six times a year to discuss strategic and operational financial matters pertinent to ensuring solvency and probriaty.  The chair of the committee reports back to the FGB at meetings.

Additionally, Governors are the Trustees of the School Fund and meet directly after each of the regular full governing body meetings.

Governors undertake the following individual responsibilities within school on behalf of the governing body and also have specific links with identified classes, to which visits are made and reports made back to the full Governing Body.

Governors are anxious to ensure contact is maintained with all staff in order that they are able to feel integrated into the structure of the school. Subject,  Key Stage Leads and the Inclusion Manager (DSL) have termly contact with the governor responsible for their area of learning.  This may include a visit to the classrooms, a discussion with staff and children.   The schools offers transparency to its Governors and welcomes them to come and experience day to day life  in the classroom at WECPS.


Governor meetings

A vision statement (see school Prospectus) and the ethos of the school is reviewed and agreed at the start of the school year and a school development plan and budget. Governors receive progress reports at each subsequent meeting, along with the headteacher's report and reports from link governors, which assist in identifying progress towards meeting the year’s objectives.


Current Objectives for 2020 / 2021

Recovery Curriculum


Review of Objectives for 2019 / 2020

All external assessments were suspended during 2020 but the school continued with their internal assessments and 

One of the objectives for the year was “to accelerate progress throughout school and increase the percentage of children attaining expected standard and above at Key Stage 2 “ and to that end governors welcomed the initiative to introduce a challenge policy to stimulate the desire to learn. Presentations were made to the committee twice during the year by the three staff leaders for EYFS and KS1 and KS2 in order to keep governors abreast of progress, and by the year end to identify success with the KS2 results. The school was ahead of the national average in all subjects and EYFS had 79% achieving a good level of development.


Other objectives included successfully retaining the green flag, (championed by the schools eco-committee), retaining the Dyslexia quality mark and investigating options available to the school in terms of collaboration. 


The desire by all associated with the school is to achieve outstanding teaching for all. The monitoring and peer review systems along with continuing professional development instigated by the Headteacher, and embraced by all staff has been recognised by our local authority education development adviser with a recommendation that it is shared with other schools in the area. A measure of the success of this objective has been the enthusiasm with which it has been embraced and the resulting recognition staff have achieved by gaining promotion, albeit to other schools, where they can spread the approach.


Safeguarding of all pupils and staff remain a high focus and is discussed at each meeting.  The DSL provides a full and anonymous report of all safeguarding aspects at the end of each academic year.  Termly visits are made to the DSL by the governor to discuss updates and progress regards safeguarding.

All governors are trained in the statutory requirements of Keeping Children Safe  in Education (2020) and Working Together to Safeguard Children and Prevent on an annual or three yearly basis.   There is also a governor who holds a current qualification for Safer Recruitment in order to assist appointments at the school.


Pupil Premium and Sports Funding

A particular interest by Governors is given at each meeting to ensure Pupil Premium and PE and Sports Premium funding are employed to maximum benefit. These two funding streams are reviewed at every meeting, in order to be satisfied that they are reaching the children most in need.

 The continuing development of ‘Mission Possible’ is applauded by the governing body, particularly in the way it involves the children in their own learning, both as individuals and in teams and equips them with the skills they will need for the future and for life. It is a welcome development that the achievements of the classes are shared with staff and parents at assemblies throughout the year.

Earlier in the year, we requested a ‘health check’ by NYCC in order to assist us in preparing for an Ofsted visit, were it to happen, and to make sure the school was progressing in the right direction. The outcome of this was reassuring and encouraging. As was to be anticipated one or two areas were highlighted for further action and these were incorporated through continuing professional development and staff training days.


Extended Schools

Breakfast club and W&E Extra after school club continue to operate very effectively despite the temporary closure during Lockdowns 1 and 3 and  we believe their availability have  helped parents and enabled the ethos of the school to be continued for all those who participate.

 ITT - Development / Work Experience

The governors support the school's involvement and commitment to the development of all learners including  new teachers.  The school works along side a number of colleges and local alliances including STAR, Leeds Trinity, Leeds Beckett University and also the University of Hull who provide teacher training via a range of courses.  We also support the development of support staff and have strong links with Selby and Doncaster Colleges of Further Education.  In 2021 the school also offered a placement on the Kick Start Apprenticeship Scheme for a teaching assistant.

School Direct continues to flourish with links now made with . We are of the opinion that this brings benefits to us all, keeping everyone on their toes in a stimulating exciting learning environment. Similarly with the links with other Universities for their Post Graduate Certificate in Education and BA students and others from Selby and other Colleges who come to school on work experience and other similar schemes.


Policies are reviewed and updated at each meeting according to the statutory requirements and annual school policy schedule. Reports are received and governors updated on required changes in education policy and their implications e.g.Educational Health Care Plans.

Overall, anonymised pupil progress is reported and results shared and scrutinised. Resources are closely monitored and matched in line with identified priorities.


All of those associated with Whitley and Eggborough CPS continue to aspire to become identified as an outstanding school meeting the ever changing needs of our local community.


To contact the Governors please write to:-

The Chair of Governors - Miss Liz Ridley