Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

Acorn Class

Teacher:  Miss J Hardy

email:  hardy@whitley.n-yorks


Half Term Information Sheet


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Special Mention

Spring 1 2020

7th February 2020 - Scarlett - for spectacular writing this week. Scarlett wrote a piece of work about the animals that she loves using her fantastic phonic knowledge.

24th January 2020 - ? - for trying really hard with his writing this week. ? seems to have found a new love for writing both at home and at school.

17th January 2020 - Nevaeh - for trying so hard with her writing this week. Nevaeh has been practising writing her name and it really shows! Well done Nevaeh.

10th January 2020 - Lacey - for fantastic reading. Lacey sounded out a range of words beautifully and blended the sounds independently.


Autumn 2 2019

20th December 2019 - Paisley  Mai - for the super pictures she has been creating for her teachers recently. 

                                            Isla - for her fabulous writing about her Christmas decorations. Isla was asked to do a little bit of writing to accompany her picture but instead                                                  she filled an entire page.

13th December 2019 - Joseph - for his fantastic singing and acting out of the 'Ten in a Bed' song.

29th November 2019 - Millie - for her amazing writing this week both at home and at school. Her independent sentences about Christmas absolutely blew us all away.

22nd November 2019 - Cameron - for doing some fantastic sounding out whilst writing about the 'Snow Bears' story by Martin Waddell.

15th November 2019 - Maja - for trying really hard with her writing this week. We loved your autumn sentences Maja.

8th November 2019 - Harley - for really taking his time this week to make a beautiful rocket. He wrote lots of bonfire and firework words on it, making sure he filled every line.

CHAS awarded for Caring, Helping and Sharing.

Spring 1 2020

7th February 2020 - ? - for showing a really lovely attitude towards learning this week. Other staff members have also commented on his lovely manners at lunch times.

24th January 2020 - Harry - for looking after his friend when he had hurt himself. Harry gave him a hug, brought him a tissue and gave him an ice-pack.

17th January 2020 - Scarlett - for making the newest member of Acorn Class a card to welcome her into our school. 

10th January 2020 - Skye - for donating all of the toys she didn't use any more to children who do not have any. Well done Skye. This is a very caring thing to do and we are really proud.

Autumn 2 2019

20th December 2019  ? - for being such a kind friend. ? has really looked after his friends this week comforting them when they have been sad or hurt.

13th December 2019 - Oliver - for making a special card for his friend to make him feel better when he hurt himself.

29th November 2019 - Lola - Lola can always be relied upon to help her friends and teachers - especially at tidy up time. Lola listens carefully and is always doing exactly what she should be, which makes her teachers so very proud.

22nd November 2019 - Emily - for helping her two friends by suggesting that they share the last banana and have half each. Emily even gave away half of her own banana when her friend's banana fell on the floor.

15th November 2019 - Lexi - for being an amazing friend this week, looking after her friends whenever they have been hurt or upset. Lexi always uses beautiful manners and is a lovely new addition to Acorn Class.

 8th November 2019 - Heidi - for being really kind and helpful towards her friend. She helped him with his morning routine, making sure that he had done his jobs and checking if he was feeling okay.

Autumn Term 2019

A walk in the school woodland to discover all about our environment and the changes happening there in Autumn.

In Acorn Class, we shared the story of 'How the Bear Lost his Tail'. Unfortunately, the bear lost his tail trying to get some fish to eat from the icy water. The bear asked the children if they could help him by thinking of ways to free the fish from the ice. The children were only too happy to help the bear. They thought of different ideas and then tested them out. Here you can see the children testing out and observing their idea of putting the fish stuck in the ice into a bowl of warm water. They were so excited to see the fish escape from the ice. The bear will be so pleased.

Spring Term 2020

Book Themes

January 2020 - So far this term, the children have shown a great interest in jungle animals.

We have focused on the following books in class, as well as sharing other stories, poems and non-fiction titles with a jungle theme.

The Lion who wanted to Love - Giles Andreae

Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae

Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae 

The Selfish Crocodile by Faustin Charles

Stinky by Ian Whybrow