Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

Cherry Class 

Teacher:  Miss L Frier

email:  frier@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk

Access code for Google Classroom - vsn32xa

Google Classroom


Every child in the school has been given a home login for google classroom (it will be their own personal school email).

Their password is generic --> Password1          (captial P)

Termly Curriculum Overview

Past Termly Curriculum Overviews

Phonics help for parents


Here is a useful video with how to pronounce the sounds in words if your child is struggling with sounding out words when they are reading and you are wanting to help them with sounding out the words: 



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Recommended Reading List and reading questions

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Spelling Cards and Times Tables Cards

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Year 2 Information

All the objectives in the information below will be worked on throughout the year. Any extra support you can provide in helping your child to achieve these is greatly valued and will help with their SATs.

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Half Term Information Sheet

Please find below the Autumn 1 Information Sheet for parents/carers, which contains general information about the year and this half term.

Homework Booklet

Please find below the Homework Booklet for Autumn 1. The home learning activities are linked to the areas we are focusing on in class, and have been carefully chosen to develop different skills in relation to a variety of curriculum subjects. All homework will be shared on a Friday and displayed proudly in our classroom.


For the mean time we are asking if parents are able to take photos of the children's homework and either upload them on to Google Classroom or send me an email with the photo and the children can share the work with the class this way. I will then print off the pictures for them and add them to our homework display in the classroom. I apologise this is more work however we want to keep cross contamination to a minimum and believe this will help to do this

Thank you 

Special Mentions and CHAS

Every Friday we come together as a school to celebrate the children's hard work across our school; we do this by awarding one (on exception more than one), child per class Special Mention, and one child per class CHAS recognition. The child will be rewarded a badge for each and if given CHAS will be able to take home our CHAS teddy for the week and CHAS book to write about what adventures CHAS gets up to with you.

During our celebration assembly we also celebrate weekly birthdays and award the winning classes with the Eco and Attendance awards. Additionally, children have the opportunity to try their spellings and/or times tables to be able to progress to the next level in spellings and/or times tables in school. 

The weekly Special Mention and CHAS for Cherry class is be recorded below.


*We are still continuing with all these celebrations however will be doing them in individual classes rather than as a whole school*


This Half Term's Special Mention:


Autumn 1 - 

Week 1 - The week we have chosen two children for special both for the same reason. We have chosen Zach and Will for doing a fantastic piece of writing about George's marvellous medicine on Roald Dahl day. Well done boys!

Week 2 - Billy got a special mention this week for explaining to the class what diagonal means and Harley got one for telling the class that the part on the back of the book is called a blurb. Well done boys!

Week 3 - Alfie got a special mention for impressing us with his knowledge of Albinism. We have been creating non stereotype characters for our own modern day version of a traditional tale and Alfie used his knowledge of Albinism from his sisters albino rat and applied it to his character in English.

Week 4 - This week Asha-Lily got a special mention for her fantastic fact file on the significant individual Rosa Parks. Asha had beautiful presentation and used lots of key words in her writing. She organised the information herself. Well done!

Week 5 - Hilton has got a special this week for her beautiful handwriting! Well done Hilton

Week 6 - Scarlett got a special mention this week for trying new foods, well done Scarlett keep it up.

Week 7 - James got a special mention this week for his amazing traditional tale. James re told a story and added his own character in. He use lots of great verbs, adverbs and adjectives.



This Half Term's CHAS:


Autumn 1 - 

Week 1 - CHAS is going home with Stanley and this is for letting Alfie have his jar when doing Roald Dahl day crafts as Aflie didn't have one. Well done Stan!

Week 2 - CHAS is going home with Isabella for offering to play with Stanley when he didn't have anyone to play with at lunch time. What a lovely thing to do Isabella, well done!

Week 3 - CHAS is going home with Vanessa for being so caring towards Isabella when she wasn't very well the other day. Well done Vanessa!

Week 4 - Jordan got to take CHAS home this weekend for always being so kind and caring towards others. Whenever anyone is upset, hurt or has no one to play with Jordan will always be the first one there to help them. Well done Jordan!

Week 5 - CHAS is going home with Raffy this week for being so kind and helpful when another child had dropped all of their pencils. Well done Raf!

Week 6 - Lydia got to take CHAS home this week for always being so polite and using her manners. Well done Lydia!

Week 7 - Oscar is taking CHAS home for half term for always being so caring and kind towards others. Well done Oscar!


Other awards this half term

Star reader: Raffy! For recognising when we are using which reading skill in whole class reading

Phonics: Melissa! For always putting in 100% effort to phoincs

Presentation: Will! For trying so hard to make his handwriting neat and use finger spaces


What we have been doing this half term


In Maths we have represented numbers in numerals and words and with equipment. We can recognise the place value of a 3-digit number.

We have been comparing numbers using greater than, less than and equals. We have also been ordering numbers represented in different ways.



In English we have done an independent write about one of our favourite things we did in the holidays.

We have been looking at stereotypes in traditional tales - How the main character is always a girls and needs rescuing and how it is always a strong man that comes to save her. We have created our own characters to put in to a modern day version of the traditional tales where the characters are not stereotypes.

We are currently writing character descriptions about them using lots of lovely adjectives and some similes too.


Whole class reading:

In whole class reading we are reading the owl who is afraid of the dark. We have discussed  what genre the books is, the author, illustrator and blurb. We have made some predictions about what we think is going to happen in the story.

We have practiced some vocab work looking at what words mean in context in the text. We have discussed why some words are in capital letters and what effect an exclamation mark has on the reader. We have practiced our retrieval skills and found information from the text to help answer our questions.



In PE we have been practising our rolling skills. We can roll a ball along a line, to a target and use the right technique. We can react quickly and use our spatial awareness moving around a space.

We have practiced a range of throws and catches independently and whilst moving around the space.

We have now practiced these with a partner. We have practiced throws such as a bounce pass, an under arm throw and throwing the ball in to the air and catching it.



In PSHE we have been learning about stereotypes and how we are all different but have the right to be treated equally.

We have read the story of the colour monster and understand that there are many different emotions and we can relate these emotions to colours. We discussed how these emotions feel inside of us and we know that we can feel more than one emotion at once. We know of some situations that might make us feel certain emotions.





In music we have learnt some singing warm ups and learnt about why it is important to warm up before we sing. We looked at different genres of music and discussed which we liked, didn't like and how they made us feel.

We have listened to music and identified different instruments within the track. We can name lots of different instruments.

We have grouped different instruments in to families and understand how they are categorised. 



In computing we have learnt how to log on using our Wondes and how to log on to Google classroom. We are able to create things on Purple Mash, store them and retrieve them.


Mission - Science/Geography/History/Art/DT :

In Mission Science we have been looking at the different seasons and understanding why we have season and the changes that happen during these seasons. We discussed why some countries do not have seasons in relation to where they are to the equator and in the world.

In Mission history we have looked at significant individuals and how they have contributed to breaking stereotypes. We looked at people such as Rosa Parks, Tom Daley and Frida Kahlo. We created fact files about them to share with others.

In Mission Science we are looking at healthy living. We know some things that we need to do to stay healthy such as getting at least 8 hours of sleep, drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day, eating fruit and veg, exercising for at least an hour a day, brushing our teeth, keeping our minds healthy and washing. 

We did an experiment to show the effects of washing our hands properly with soap. We observed what happened when we put our finger in a bowl of water with pepper in (this represented the germs). We then put soap on our hands and observed what happened when we then put our finger in the soap on. We wrote up conclusions afterwards and found that all of the germs stuck to our finger with no soap on and when we had soap on our hands the pepper all moved away from our finger.

We have looked at eat well plates and know how foods are categorised and which foods go in to the different categories.



This first week has been fantastic. The children have come back so settled and have had huge smiles on their faces which has made me extremely happy. 

We have had a lovely day for Roald Dahl day. We have read some of his stories, learnt about who he is and made marvelous medicines, willy wonka's lollypops and Fantastic Mr Foxes.

The children all looked fantastic today so thank you to parents for that.

Everyone looked so lovely in their bright and colourful clothes for national rainbow day. We spoke about why we were all wearing bright colours and significant events and people relating to the current global pandemic. I was so impressed at how respectfully the children listened and contributed their own thoughts.

We discussed why we were all wearing yellow for mental health day. We know that just like keeping our bodies healthy we have to keep our minds healthy too.