Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

Maple Class

Teacher:  Mrs A Coventry Mon/Tue/Wed

email:  coventry@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk

Teacher:  Mrs E Lightowler Thur/Fri

email:  lightowler@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk

Past Planning

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Maple class used the website wwwthinkuknow.com to look at ways to stay safe online and how to deal effectively with online bullying. They wrote letters advising people how to reduce their online footprint. 

Spring 1  Mission Homework booklet

Maple Class held their own election on Thursday 14th - linked to the Monarchs they had been looking at in Mission History. 

Maple Class produced some excellent work during our Victorian day. We all learnt lots about what school life would have been like during this period. 

In Mission English we sorted poetry into different forms of figurative language- we will use this as a starting point for our own poems later this week. 

What a brilliant start to the half term! Maple class enjoyed making hedgehog bread and even better it tasted delicious. 

Maple Class

Autumn 2 Homework booklet

CHaS & Special Mention Spring 1


Special Mention  Rosie Farrah Hall - an excellent attitude towards her work  and   Alicia Green for 100% effort in everything

CHAS   Ethan Spink  - for a kind and caring attitude towards others


Special Mention  - Lily Thompson  -  excellent work in Maths and all areas of the curriculum.

CHAS   - Alfie Knight - excellent Sportsmanship during our PE lesson.


Special Mention- Bradley Fanning for his amazing division work in Maths this week. 

CHAS- Ava Day for being particularly kind, helpful, caring and sharing towards younger pupils in school. 


Special Mention goes to Lexi Allcock-Toole for her excellent fact finding when looking at The Battle of Hastings- I can't wait to read her finished report. 

CHAS is awarded to Ava Day for the kind and caring way she has supported Acorn children on a lunch time. 

8.11.19 Special Mention this week goes  to Alicia and Wojciech for their amazing bonfire poetry. Full of figurative language and powerful word choices- amazing! 

CHAS goes to Aimee for always being such a kind, caring and helpful member of the class. Her manners are exceptional and she always works to the very best of her abilities. Well done Aimee, a true superstar! 

Maple class had a lovely morning supporting Chestnut class with their reading. 

       We had a lovely visit to Selby Abbey- lots of arts and crafts activities and fact finding about the history of the Abbey. 

Maple Class


Recommended Reading List

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Half Term Information Sheet