Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

Oak Class - Year 6

Teacher:  Miss E Shaw

email:  eshaw@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk

Google Classroom Code:  occgjca

Google Classroom


Every child in the school has been given a home login for google classroom (it will be their own personal school email).

Their password is generic --> Password1          (captial P)

Daily home learning: 

Home Learning week 2

Home Learning week 1

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Home Learning week 6 - Creative Arts Week

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Home Learning week 5

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Home Learning week 4

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Home Learning week 3

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Recommended Reads for Year 6.

Past Planning Overviews

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Oak Mission Book for Autumn 2

Recommended Reading List and Homework Booklet

 Children's Reading Book List KS2 Y6 (10-11yrs).pdfDownload
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Special Mention

 Autumn 2

06/11/20 Special mention goes to Iwan this week for his amazing work in our deforestation debate. He was very knowledgeable throughout the week and in our debate showed skills of counter-arguing whilst still remaining polite and persuasive - all of the other children were impressed! 

13/11/20 Special mention goes to Mar this week for his absolutely astounding work on fractions - Marcel has completed pages of work each lesson and pushed himself so hard to reach his challenges. Well done!

19/11/20 Special mention goes to Lilly this ween for her wonderful hard work in English and Maths. Lilly has been so ambitious with her learning and produced a fantastic speech on deforestation, challenging herself to use lots of key features and grammar.


 Autumn 2

06/11/20 CHAS this week goes to Trudi. I can not believe she has not already had CHAS as she is always so helpful and caring, offering to do jobs and make my life easier. She is also a fantastic friend and is a positive, bubbly member of Oak. 

13/11/20 CHAS this week goes to James as he has been noticed not only by me, but by Mrs Holt and Mrs Coventry for his amazingly helpful and positive attitude this week. He has made us laugh and smile so much and it has been wonderful. 

19/11/20 CHAS this week goes to Grace Y for being a great Year 6 role model. She is a very polite, helpful person and takes the best care of her friends in school. Well done, Grace.

What we've been doing this week

06/11/20 - Our debate in English has been based on the idea of Deforestation and the children prepared lots of notes, evidence and cue cards in order to hold a mature and lively debate. I was so proud of their attitude during this and how they were able to use their evidence as well as listen to their peers and respond to their points! 

19/11/20 - It's Puffin books anniversary today so we joined in with the live lesson and heard from lots of authors as well as learning how do draw Puffins from an actual illustrator! It really inspired us to write, draw and be creative! 

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