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Willow Class

Purple Mash:

From here children can access all of the resources from purple mash, there are lots of different things including the multiplication check which we do with the children every week - keep practising!



Weekly Spellings:

The children can access their weekly spellings via the link below: https://spellingframe.co.uk/guest/word-list/11463

Past Planning

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Half Termly letter

Homework Booklet

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Special Achievements


Autumn 2

Week 7: 

Week 6: 

Week 5: 

Week 4: CHAS went home with Peter Joseph this week for being so encouraging to others during PE and supporting his team throughout each lesson.

Week 3:  Mia took CHAS home this week for for being a kind, helpful and caring member of the class. She is always willing to help and takes her eco job very serious.

Week 2: CHAS goes home with Ashton this week for being a good friend to others in the class and showing CHAS qualities through this week.

Week 1: This week CHAS goes to Isabella who is always helpful to her friends and adults around the school. She showed particular concern for one of her friends who was very upset this morning.


Autumn 1

Fletcher, Max, Charlie, Yuki, Abigail, Joe


Special Mention

Autumn 2

Week 7: 

Week 6: 

Week 5: 

Week 4: Thea got a special mention this week for producing some fantastic written work this week, although she did get a little bit frustrated with her work, she didn't give up!

Week 3: This week James got a special mention for settling so well into our class and he has produced some lovely maths work all this week. Well done James.

Week 2: Peter Joseph got a special mention this week for being a superstar all week! He has worked hard in every lesson and worked hard all week.

Week 1: Special mention went to Max who really stood out in music this week for Mrs Broom, she was very proud of him for standing up and doing a solo in front of everyone. Well done Max 


Autumn 1

Levi, Samuel, Isabella, Lewis D, Fletcher, Thomas, Peter Joseph



Autumn 1

Levi, Lewis A, Charlie, Eliza, Myla and Issy

What we have been doing

In maths we have been looking at multiplication and division. We have been looking at the different ways we can represent different groups of and lots of, arrays, multiplying by 10 and 100 and multiplying 3 numbers together.


In English the children have been learning about how to write information texts ready to create their own leaflets on how to stay fit and health.


In mission we have started by looking at geography of the UK. They have located the different cities and counties of the UK and looked at different land formations including the different rivers and mountain ranges in the UK. Today the children went on a walk around Whitey to have a look at the local geography of the area and to look at the different landmarks in the local area which will carry the children into the history aspect of the mission.

We have moved onto the history side of our mission and have been looking at the history of the different places we visited in our local area. The children worked really hard this week creating information posters about the places they researched and will be presenting the information to the rest of the class to teach them about the history of the local area.





Children are asked to read every day, whether this be to an adult or another person. This can be recorded in their yellow homework diary. Please do ask children a variety of questions. A helpful sheet has been attached below to help guide the questioning around texts.

Every week children are given mental maths homework which has been differentiated to their level. Please encourage your child to complete as much of this independently before support is given, but also encourage them to use objects and pictures to aid their calculations.

Handwriting practice sheets are offered to the children each week, if your child does not take one, please do encourage them to still practice in their handwriting book at home. 

Mission possible, each half term the children are given a homework booklet, children can be as creative as they wish and if they would like to investigate a subject further then please encourage them to do so. We are always to see what the children are passionate about!

Times Table Cards

Below are the different times table cards the children need to practise with at home.

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Recommended Reading List

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Photo Gallery

Trip to Selby Abbey

Walk around Whitley

Mission Possible