Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

Willow Class

Teacher:  Mrs E Lee-Stokes

email:  lee-stokes@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk

Google Classroom


Every child in the school has been given a home login for google classroom (it will be their own personal school email).

Their password is generic --> Password1              (captial P)

To join Willow class click the plus in the top right corner (join) and then type in the class code -->  ntp4ugu

Useful Links

Joe Wicks daily PE session at 9am every morning! Follow the link to join in:)


 Useful links for home learning (1).pdfDownload
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Working from home pack - we will continue to upload new activities periodically so please keep checking for one you have not completed.

English Resources

 English home learning Resources.pdfDownload
 handwriting practice sheets for home learningDownload
 handwriting practise sheets for home learning year 3 4 spellings.pdfDownload
 Spelling home learning resources.pdfDownload
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Comprehension Resources

 Tasks 5, 6, 7 - pack 1.pdfDownload
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SPAG Resources - Grammar hammer

 Grammar Hammer Stage 4 Check 3.pdfDownload
 Grammar Hammer Stage 4 Check 4.pdfDownload
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Maths Resources

 Maths home learning Pack1.pdfDownload
 Maths home learning Pack2.pdfDownload
 Multiplication Games and Practice.pdfDownload
 Times table games.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Add Two 4-Digit Numbers 2 Reasoning and Problem Solving.pdfDownload
 year-3-ordering-numbers-reasoning-and-problem-solving (1).pdfDownload
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Mission - Continue to research the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. I have attached the homework booklet with different home learning activities for the children.

BBC bitesize and youtube also have some great videos for the children to further their understanding and knowledge of our mission.

 Design a stone age weapon.pdfDownload
 Homework Booklet Spring 2 2020.docxDownload
 Paper stone age tools instructions.pdfDownload
 Paper stone age tools resources.pdfDownload
 stone age craft ideas.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Practical Ideas.pdfDownload
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Purple Mash:

From here children can access all of the resources from purple mash, there are lots of different things including the multiplication check which we do with the children every week - keep practising!



Weekly Spellings

adoration                                  location

admiration                                generation

coronation                                exploration

detonation                                combination

observation                               illustation

Past Planning

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 Willow Class Autumn 2.docxDownload
 willow spring 1.pdfDownload
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Half Termly letter

Homework Booklet

Special Achievements


Spring 2

Week 6:

Week 5:

Week 4:

Week 3:

Week 2: CHAS went home with Eliza this week for always being polite, kind and helpful to everyone around the classroom and school - Well done Eliza!

Week 1: Zoe took CHAS home this week  for always showing CHAS qualities. She is a quieter member of the class but she is always willing to help everyone.

Spring 1

Lewis A, Issy, Isla, Samuel, Max, 


Autumn 2

Isabella, Ashton, Mia, Peter Joseph, Myla, Joe

Autumn 1

Fletcher, Max, Charlie, Yuki, Abigail, Joe


Special Mention

Spring 2

Week 6:

Week 5:

Week 4:

Week 3:

Week 2: Special mention goes to Isla this week for her fantastic effort towards her writing. She has been working really hard to up level her work and include the different features taught. She even wrote a super diary entry for the book the Stone Age Boy we have been reading in English.

Week 1: Lucy got a special mention for her amazing effort with her handwriting this week. She has made great progress with this in all of her lessons, keep it up!

Spring 1

Peyton, Thomas, Lewis D, Levi, Peter Joseph, Isabelle


Autumn 2

Max, Peter Joseph, James, Thea

Autumn 1

Levi, Samuel, Isabella, Lewis D, Fletcher, Thomas, Peter Joseph



Autumn 1

Levi, Lewis A, Charlie, Eliza, Myla and Issy

What we have been doing

In maths we have been looking at multiplication and division. We have been looking at the different ways we can represent different groups of and lots of, arrays, multiplying by 10 and 100 and multiplying 3 numbers together.

The children have progressed onto looking at written methods to complete the multiplication and division with bigger numbers.


In English the children have been writing their own stories to enter on the BBC 500 words competition. They have done some amazing work and the stories have been a pleasure to read!


In mission the children have been exploring different aspects of science and geography to answer the question what is the purpose of water in life and where does it come from?

In mission science we have explored the role of water in plants including identifying the names and functions of different parts of a plant, the life cycle of a plant and how water is transported within plants. In mission geography we started off looking at biomes and climate zone with a focus on the rain forest. We looked at mountains and rivers and finally linked it all together in the water cycle.





Children are asked to read every day, whether this be to an adult or another person. This can be recorded in their yellow homework diary. Please do ask children a variety of questions. A helpful sheet has been attached below to help guide the questioning around texts.

Every week children are given mental maths homework which has been differentiated to their level. Please encourage your child to complete as much of this independently before support is given, but also encourage them to use objects and pictures to aid their calculations.

Handwriting practice sheets are offered to the children each week, if your child does not take one, please do encourage them to still practice in their handwriting book at home. 

Mission possible, each half term the children are given a homework booklet, children can be as creative as they wish and if they would like to investigate a subject further then please encourage them to do so. We are always to see what the children are passionate about!

Times Table Cards

Below are the different times table cards the children need to practise with at home.

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Recommended Reading List

 Children's reading book list KS2 Y3 (7-8yrs).pdfDownload
 Children's Reading Book List KS2 Y4 (8-9yrs).pdfDownload
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Photo Gallery

Fit 4 Kids workshop

World Book Day

Trip to Selby Abbey

Walk around Whitley

Mission Possible