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Recommended Reading List

Here is a useful video with how to pronounce the sounds in words if your child is struggling with sounding out words when they are reading and you are wanting to help them with sounding out the words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYx1CyDMZSc

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Half Term Information Sheet


This half term's Special Mentions 

Summer 2

Week 1: Well done to Mia who got a special mention from last week for showing such fantastic team work in English whilst retelling the story of Sinbad the sailor!

Week 2: Lewis A got a special mention on Friday for his super work in Maths on time, he concentrated so hard and it really paid off! Keep up the good work Lewis!

Week 3: I gave 2 special mentions on Friday, one to Henry for his fantastic descriptive writing about a paradise island and the other to Peter-Joseph for coming on so much with his reading these past couple of week! Well done to you both

Week 4: 

Week 5:

Week 6:

Week 7: 

This half term's CHAS 

Summer 2

Week 1: Christopher got to take home CHAS for always caring about others and being a really good friend

Week 2: Well done to Charlie who got CHAS on Friday for always being so polite and having such lovely manners!

Week 3: CHAS went home with Cody for always being so polite, well mannered and caring. Keep it up Cody you set a great example

Week 4: 

Week 5:

Week 6:

Week 7: 



What we have been doing

Summer 2:

Maths: We have been doing time in Maths and are now confident with telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. We can also order and compare units of time and have developed good general knowledge of units of time for example how many days in each month and how many days in a leap year.

English: In English we have been looking at the traditional tale of Sinbad the Sailor. We have retold the traditional tale of focusing on our perform skills and confidence, have written descriptive pieces of writing describing the paradise island he visit and have now moved on to writing our 8th Voyage for Sinbad the Sailor in the style of the author Quentin Blake.

Mission: In Mission we have come up with some amazing ideas for things to make for the summer fair such as: pinatas, dog treats, bath bombs, volcano eruption kits, dream catchers and many more. We are currently in the process of making our prototypes which we will then evaluate and whittle down to our few favourites to then make final versions with improvements from our evaluations to sell at the summer fair.

PE: We have been practising for sports day which is fast approaching and have been enjoying playing different outdoor games with Jak the PE coach

PSHE: We have been looking at how babies and baby animals have to be cared for and what they need in order to grow 

Other: The first week was a very busy week, we were very fortunate on Monday to have someone come in from the Urban Striders group all the way from London to teach us some street dance and on Friday not only did we enjoy games on the field for Father’s Day but we had someone come in from the Dogs Trust to teach us all about how to look after and care for dogs properly and how to approach dogs you are unfamiliar with, safely. In French we have learnt a song about animals and enjoyed performing it with instruments to the rest of the school on Thursday in our assembly.

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