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Parent's Information Letter

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Phonic activities and support

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Websites to use at home!


The free area of the PhonicsPlay website is filled with free interactive games and much more. There are many idea to support teaching phonics and advice for parents in helping their children learn to read.



Oxford Owl is an award-winning free website packed
with expert advice, top tips, eBooks and activities to help
you support your child's reading and maths at home. Also 250 free e-books when you register.



253 free educational interactive teaching resources and activities for Primary Schools. 77 free to use fun kids games/activities for kids aged 4 - 11. 165 plus links to free interactive teaching activities, educational games, image and software resources.


Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for children, with great online reading games and activities. Your children can start reading now – just click the ‘free trial’ button to get started!


ICT games has a range of phonics based games that are fun and interactive for children. They show clear objectives for each game and also have free printable materials.

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Recommended Reading list

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This half term's Special Mention

Week 1 - Rosie gets a special mention this week for her fantastic work in maths. You have worked so hard to improve your presentation, problem solving and number formation from 0-100. Keep up the good work! 

Week 2 - Double special mentions this week, these go to Jacob and Elsie-mae. This is for both of them showing a great attitude to learning and lots of resilience. Instead of getting upset if something is hard or they fail at the first attempt. These children  know that they might not know it yet but they will one day! 

Week 3 - Special mention goes to Charlie this week. You have done some fantastic non-fiction writing Charlie and used so many great adjectives. You have really challenged yourself in maths and even helped others with their work. Well done! 

Week 4 - Special mention goes to Phoebe this week for her hard working attitude she has shown all week. You have completed all your morning jobs and produced some great maths work on addition. Keep up the good work Phoebe! 

Week 5 - Special mention goes to Sophie today. This is for the effort she has been making in her morning maths work and handwriting. Sophie has come up with her own phrase "I can do this!". You show a great attitude to learning in lessons, well done! 

This half term's CHAS

 Week 1 -CHAS is going home with Amelia this week for being so caring to her friends when they are upset. Amelia is always the first to volunteer to help in the classroom and look after a friend in need. You show caring, helping and sharing qualities every week Amelia, keep it up! 

Week 2- Sammy is taking home CHAS this week. He has been a really supportive friend to other children who are not as confident. He says lovely words of encouragement and tells people to just keep trying. He has shown fantastic resilience with his work and we are all so proud of you, well done Sammy! 

Week 3 - Chas is going home with Jack this weekend. Jack has shown such a caring attitude towards his friend this week. He has helped children with their maths and English work. It has been wonderful having a supportive friend in the class, well done Jack!

Week 4 - Izzy is taking Chas home today for the wonderful attitude she had at sports day. Izzy was supporting her friends and explaining that it is the taking part that counts, not winning. So lovely to see Izzy; you are a star!

Week 5 - Chas is going home with Rosie this weekend. You are always the first to help a friend and always have a kind attitude. You are a great friend to all and always try to do the right thing. Well done Rosie!



Fairburn Ings

The children had a great time on our visit to Fairburn Ings. We turned over logs and used nets to find mini beasts. The children used identification cards to identify the insects we found. Then we had a picnic lunch outside with Acorn class, the children were very well behaved. Our second workshop was all about birds. We listened to the different sounds birds make and went on a walk with our binoculars. We looked at woodland and wetland birds. The children ended the day by creating birds nests in small groups. 

What we've been doing this week

In maths we have been learning how to tell the time! The children have learnt the difference between the minute hand and the hour hand. We have played some time bingo to practise reading the clock. The children are learning to read the time on the hour and half past. 

In English we have been looking at the story 'Tigress''. The children have been finding interesting words in the story some of which are: Tigress, stalk, fiery and camouflage. We have added these words to our words of the week poster! We have discussed that the books is non-fiction because it contains real facts. The children are really enjoying finding out about tigers in the wild.  

We have a visit from the Dog's Trust last week! Emma was really nice and taught us how to look at a dog. We learnt how to stay safe if a dog runs up to us, how to clean up after our dog and what foods make a dog poorly. 



Wow moments!

 We have a wonderful trip to the National Railway Museum in York. The children were very well behaved and learnt lots of facts about Stephensons Rocket.

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