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Here is a useful video with how to pronounce the sounds in words if your child is struggling with sounding out words when they are reading and you are wanting to help them with sounding out the words: 


Recommended Reading List

Please see the below recommended reading list for Cherry class

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 Recommended reading list Yr 3.pdfDownload
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Spelling cards and times tables cards

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 2- Yellow Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
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Year 2 Information

All the objectives in the information below will be worked on throughout the year. Any extra support you can provide in helping your child to achieve these is greatly valued and will help with their SATs in the summer.

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Half Term Information Sheet

Please find below the Autumn 2 Information Sheet for parents/carers, which contains general information about the year and Autumn 1 Term.

Homework Booklet

Please find below the Homework Booklet for Autumn Term 2. The home learning activities are linked to the areas we are focusing on in class, and have been carefully chosen to develop different skills in relation to a variety of curriculum subjects.


Special Mentions and CHAS

Every Friday we come together as a school to celebrate the children's hard work across our school; we do this by awarding one (on exception more than one), child per class Special Mention, and one child per class CHAS recognition.

During our celebration assembly we also celebrate weekly birthdays and award the winning classes with the Eco and Attendance awards. Additionally, children have the opportunity to try their spellings and/or times tables to be able to progress to the next level in spellings and/or times tables in school. 

The weekly Special Mention and CHAS for Cherry class is be recorded below.


This Half Term's Special Mention:


Autumn 2 -

Week 1 - The first special mention of this half term goes to Leonor. Leonor joined Cherry class at the start of this half term and has settled in so well and been so hardworking, polite and kind, she is a credit to Cherry class.

Autumn 1 -

Week 1 - The first special mention of this half term went to Marcus for trying so hard with his Maths this week and always having a smile on his face. Well done Marcus!

Week 2 - This weeks special mention went to Erin for her fantastic writing in English this week. She used some amazing adjectives to describe her senses.

Week 3 - Special mention this week went to Greyson and that was for helping me with making corrections and improving my sentence. Greyson told the whole class that a spelling was incorrect as there were two types of see/sea and told me how to spell the correct one!

Week 4 - Sophie and Elsie-Mae both got a special mention this work for their fantastic progress in their phonics! They absolutely blew me and Miss Wheeler away, well done girls. 

Week 5 - Alice got a special mention this week for her fantastic Phonics work. Every day Alice is a super sounder and always shows such enthusiasm and tries so hard! Well done Alice

Week 6 - Darcie got a special mention for this week for having an amazing week in Cherry class. She has settled in so well, working on a table with all the other children and trying so hard in every lesson, well done Darcie, I am very proud!

Week 7 - George got a special mention for really trying hard this week to make the right choices like not sitting next to people he might be get distracted by on the carpet, walking away from situations that might have lead to a falling out. You have been very grown up and your behaviour has been fantastic George, well done!

Week 8 - Georgia got a special mention for always setting such a great example to other children. We had Leonor start her first day with us and Georgia did such an amazing job of taking care of her and making her feel welcome. 


This Half Term's CHAS:


Autumn 2-

Week 1 - Emma got to take CHAS home for the week for being such a kind friend to Phoebe this week. Emma has tried really hard this week to be a caring and kind friend, well done Emma! 


Autumn 1 - 

Week 1 - CHAS went home with Phoebe for the weekend as Phoebe had settles in to year 2 so well. She has been listening so carefully! Keep up the great work.

Week 2 - Jack got to take CHAS home for the week for being so kind and helping Phoebe read out the names on the jacket potato stickers and made sure she knew he was just helping her read them and she could still hand them out. Fantastic team work Jack!

Week 3 - This week CHAS has gone home with George and that is because George has been so helpful and kind to his classmates this week, asking if they need any help and doing jobs/tidying up without even being asked to! Well done George!

Week 4 - CHAS has gone home with Jacob Jones for being so kind to his classmates. Greyson wasn't feeling too well and Jacob went straight over to him and asked if he was ok and asked if he could help carry his bag for him. This was so kind Jacob and really made me smile, well done!

Week 5 - Georgia gets to take CHAS home this week for always being such a kind and helpful member of our class. Georgia always thinks of others and sets a fantastic example.

Week 6 - CHAS has gone home with Elsie-Mae because Elsie has been so kind and caring towards other children, she has helped others when they have needed even without being asked which has been so amazing to see. Well done Elsie!

Week 7 - Noah is taking CHAS home this week and that is for being so kind and caring towards his classmates and helping someone in our class assembly when they forgot their line.

Week 8 - Roma got to take CHAS home for the holidays for always being such a great example of a CHAS person. She is always caring, helping and sharing and could get CHAS every week. Well done Roma!


This Half Term's awards:


Autumn 2-


Autumn 1 - 

Star reader - Elsie-Mae

Presentation - Jack

Phonics - Alice

What we have been doing this half term


Autumn 2 - 


In Maths we have learnt how to solve sums using the formal written method of column addition.


In English we have been looking at SPaG and learning about apostrophes and inverted commas 


In Mission we have been looking at seasonal change in the UK. We can explain the key changes that occur during each season and can compare them.


We learnt hockey skills in PE with the coach Jak this week and did gymnastics looking at travel in indoor PE.


In Whole Class Reading we are readying 'The Owl Who Is Afraid Of The Dark' and have made some predictions about why we think the little owl 'Plop' might be afraid of the dark.



Autumn 1 - 

In Maths we have been looking at place value. We are now confident with identifying the place value of a 3 digit number and can represent these numbers using equipment such as base 10. We have been hard at work practising our 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

We are now confident in how to represent numbers in different ways including standard form, expanded form, model form as well as in numbers and words. We have now moved on to representing numbers on a number line and will soon be using everything we have learnt so far this year to solve problems using this knowledge.

We have been recapping our number bonds to 10 and have been solving problems using our place value knowledge.

We have been doing addition of two 1-digit numbers and 3-digit numbers using equipment and writing number sentences for these.


In English we are creating our own version of the story From Head to Toe by Eric Carle by adapting it to our senses instead of animals to fit in with our Mission, all about our senses and the human body.

We created some fantastic stories in the style of 'From head to Toe' and the children enjoyed sharing these with other classes. 

We have begun looking at acrostic poems and their features and are going to write our own about our senses.


In Mission we have been looking at what our senses are and how we use them. We have been looking at the human body and how we develop from babies in to fully grown adults. We have been looking at animals,  what they need in order to grow and how this differs from a human.

We have been looking at the different stages of development a human goes through such as child, adult and elderly and know what changed happen at these different stages in life. 

We had a fantastic lesson using our senses to do a blind tasting and smelling session, the classroom is still smelling of garlic but the children really loved it!

We have been looking at healthy living this week in our Mission lessons. We have learnt that we need the right amounts of the different food groups, 6-8 glasses of water, 1 hour of exercise and at least 8 hours of sleep every day to keep us healthy. We have been doing different activities such as creating fruit men, making our own healthy eating plates using Plasticine, creating healthy living posters to display in our classroom and around school to share our knowledge of how to stay healthy with others and will over the next couple of weeks be looking at exercise and what effect it has on our hearts and bodies.   

We have been looking at exercise and the effect it has on our body. We know how to measure our heart rate by finding our pulse and know that the unit of measurement is called 'beats per minute or bpm'. We can explain what happens to our heart rate and bodies after exercise and can record the results of before and after exercise.
We have created our own exercise diary that we can use and share with others to stay active and healthy.


We have been in the woodland collecting lots of materials and have been doing some autumn crafts using the materials we collected. We make hedgehogs out of clay and twigs, leaf people and apple painted pumpkins.


In Music we have looked at the story From Head to Toe by Eric Carle as a song and are in the process of learning it. Once we are confident with the lyrics we will be adding in actions and instruments.

We have added in actions and shakers and tubes to play to the rhythm of the song. We can't wait to share it with the rest of the school in our special mention assembly.


In PE we have been practising our handball skills and are looking at developing these further to apply within mini games.


We have had a lovely outdoor learning session with Mrs Driver talking and learning all things outdoor.


The boys and girls all looked fantastic for Roald Dahl day and enjoyed Roald Dahl crafts in the afternoon. We made dream jars, paper plate fantastic Mr Fox's, Willy Wonka's lolly pops and The Twit's beards! 


Macmillan coffee morning was a huge success, thank you all for your donations!


As part of World Mental Health day we have discussed different feelings and what colours we associate with these feelings. We also discussed how we can keep our brains and minds healthy and created some art work to represent a healthy mind and a not healthy mind using the different colours to represent feelings.


Our class assembly was so lovely being able to share with the rest of the school the lovely work we have been doing over this half term. Cherry class made me very proud.