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Chestnut Class - Year 3

Teacher:  Ms C Clegg

email:  clegg@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk

Google Classroom code: r5abjnn

Welcome to Chestnut's page!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed a lovely summer break and the children are ‘ready and raring to go’ for this academic year. I’m very excited to share the children’s learning journey with them; to see how they blossom academically, socially and emotionally, over this school year.

Our page includes useful information about Chestnut Class; however, if you have any queries or require additional information at any time, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly.

Kind regards,

Ms Clegg. 

Class Teacher


Google Classroom


Every child in the school has been given a home login for Google Classroom (it will be their own personal school email).

Their password is generic --> Password1              (captial P)

To join Chestnut Class click the plus in the top right corner (join) and then type in the class code --> r5abjnn


Half Term Information -  Autumn Term 1

Please find below information about Chestnut's Autumn Term 1.

 Autumn Term 1 Half Termly Letter Chestnut 2021.pdfDownload
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Homework Booklet - Autumn Term 1

Please find below the Homework Booklet for Autumn Term 1. The home learning activities are linked to the areas we are focusing on in class, and have been carefully chosen to develop different skills in relation to a variety of curriculum subjects.

Any Maths, English and/or Spellings homework will continue to be posted weekly on our class Google Classroom page. If you have any questions regarding your child's homework, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. 

 Chestnut Class Homework Booklet - Autumn 1.pdfDownload
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Additional Information 

Please continue to scroll down to view additional information relevant to Year 3 learning and Chestnut Class, such as ways to support your child reading at home, recommended reads, recommended reading lists, spelling cards, times tables cards and special achievements.

Ways to support your child reading at home. 

Recommended Reads for Year 3

Recommended Reading List

Please find below the recommended reading list for Year 3 (I have also included Year 4 FYI).

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Bloom's Taxonomy - Useful Reading Questions 

As you are aware, we ask that you read with your child everyday (or as often as you are able), and that every read be recorded in their yellow Reading Diary. Please find attached a selection of varied questions to help support your questioning with your child, when they read to you at home.

 Bloom's Taxonomy Guided Reading Questions.pdfDownload
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Spelling Cards

 3- Pink Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
 4- Green Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
 5- Blue Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
 6- Orange Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
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Times Table Cards

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Special Achievements:

In Chestnut Class (and throughout school), we enjoy celebrating our achievements, including our weekly Special Mention and CHaS. For more detailed information about each week's Special Mention and CHaS (including the reasons why), please see the school's webpage, section Children - Achievements, which is updated weekly.  

This half term's Special Mention:

Special Mention - Autumn Term 1

Week 1 - ALL Chestnut class. This is for the super start we've had together this week. 

Week 2 - Isabella

Week 3 -  

Week 4 - 

Week 5 - 

Week 6 - 

Week 7 - 


This half term's CHaS:

CHaS - Autumn Term 1

Week 1 - Jordan. This is for his kind, gentle and helpful way and also his lovely manners, which he's used everyday and across all lessons. 

Week 2 - Harley

Week 3 -   

Week 4 -  

Week 5 -

Week 6 - 

Week 7 - 


Look at our Learning!

 Autumn Term 1 - A 'snapshot' of our learning. 

In Chestnut Class, the children enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahl day, including dressing up as their favourite Roald Dahl character or wearing yellow. It was a wonderful way to end our Week 2.

As part of Roald Dahl day Ms Clegg read us a book called 'The Enormous Crocodile'; we enjoyed sitting in the reading corner and discussing the story.

Here are some pictures from the first outdoor learning session of the year, during the session we used paints and lots of different materials to create a seaside picture.

For Science this half term we are learning about 'Living things and their habitats'. This week we were grouping the living things into four different categories. We enjoyed cutting out different living things and sticking them onto the correct place on our sheet.