Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

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Tuesday 22nd March 2022


I am delighted and proud to report that our team of readers from Year 5 and 6 not only took part in the Regional Heat for Yorkshire and the Humber but THEY came 6th in the heat but were the first primary school!

They were competing against other primaries but mainly secondary  schools in the area.  Their success is an outstanding achievement.

Thanks should go to their teachers Mrs Lightowler and Mrs Mckeown who support the children daily in their quest and passion for reading but a big THANKS should be given to Mrs Coventry who has pioneered our Whitley love of reading across the whole school over the past few years.


At Whitley and Eggborough we are proud to teach Early reading through ‘Read, Write Inc’.  This programme is proven to be extremely effective in helping children to become confident and independent readers and writers by introducing letters and sounds, and teaching strategies for reading and writing words.

We ensure training and monitoring of reading is in place and it is regularly reviewed. The systematic, synthetic phonics programme of Read Write Inc is delivered daily to EYFS and KS1. Pupils new to English in KS2 who require reading support, access the Read, Write Inc. fast track tutoring programme via small group focused interventions to ‘keep up not catch up.’

Develop a love of reading 

Our staff and children are absolutely passionate about reading! Children are exposed to a wide range of texts and authors including traditional tales, poetry, non-fiction and new authors.Teachers read to their classes throughout the school day during whole class reading or sharing books for pleasure at the end of the school day. Children have the daily opportunity to spend time quietly reading independently or 1:1 with a member of staff. This enables our learners to be fully engaged with their books.

We are proud of our school library, which is looked after by a selection of year 6 children who relish in the responsibility. All children have access Monday-Friday. The school library is regularly restocked and children are consulted on the selection of new reading books we purchase.  We also invite guest authors (local) into school to read aloud to them and conduct writing workshops based on their books- Conrad Burdekin, Terry Caffrey, Karen Langtree and most recently Aisling Fowler - author of the newly published "Fireborn".  

We are looking forward to meeting the author of "Clementine and Florentine" - Tash Harrison.

Reading Schemes

We use a combination of reading schemes as children progress.  For example:  Phonics songbirds, Fireflies and Oxford Reading Tree.  These give a variety of fiction and non-fiction books to develop children's reading range.  Children learn to read at different rates.  Once they finish the reading scheme, we encourage them to become 'free readers' and choose their own books.