Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

Eco Committee

We are pleased to announce that our school has being awarded the Eco Schools Green Flag Award for the THIRD time!  Our Eco Committee have worked extremely hard with Mrs Leyssens to make our school as green as it can be!  To be awarded our Green Flag we had to monitor the amount of litter on the playground, look after our school grounds, reduce, re-use, re-cycle and save energy wherever we could.  This is a fantastic achievement for our school and well done to the Eco Committee!

Assessor's comments:

"Such a wonderful school with some really great work going on.  The pupils are really enthusiastic and I loved the displays around school they are wonderful.  The grounds are fantastic and being well used by teachers and pupils alike.  You showcase all of the hard work you are doing (some of it without realising!).  You can really see the difference all the changes have been making around the school.  Well done everyone".

Powerdown Pete, energy saving & fuel poverty day

Years 3-5 took part in 'Powerdown Pete's ' workshops throughout they day looking at simple ways to save energy and how to keep warm during the Winter months.

Whole School Assembly Presentation

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Green Flag Award criteria

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Meet our school Eco-Committee and the job roles we do!



Eco Award & lunchtime check - Katie/Olivia/Abigail

Label Light switches – Iwan/Harry

Litter Pick – Thomas/Mia

Water Plants – Daniel/Tilly

Maintain flower beds/Peace Garden – Emma/Katie/Georgia

KS1 areas kept eco friendly - Charlie


Eco Committee meeting minutes

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