Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

School Eco Committee

We are pleased to announce that our school has being awarded the Eco Schools Green Flag Award for the second time.  Our Eco Committee have worked extremely hard with Mrs Leyssens to make our school as green as it can be!  To be awarded our Green Flag we had to monitor the amount of litter on the playground, look after our school grounds, reduce, re-use, re-cycle and save energy wherever we could.  This is a fantastic achievement for our school and well done to the Eco Committee!

Assessor's comments:

"The Eco-Committee are an enthusiastic and knowledgeable group of pupils who are very passionate about their roles.  There is a wide range of age and experience across the committee and they work well together, respecting each other's contribution to the group.  The idea of a 'Year Book' is a particularly good one as a way of recording what has been done over the year and recording progress over time."

Daffodil Planting in Whitley Village Oct 2018

Eco Event Harlow Carr 2018

Big Spring Clean 2018

Eco-Committee Visit to Bramall Learning Centre 2017

Whole School Assembly Presentation

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Green Flag Award criteria

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Action Plan 2017-19

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Meet our school Eco-Committee and the job roles we do!

Daniel & Abigail – Ensure lights & taps are off in class rooms & hall

Thomas & Mia – Ensure lights & taps are off in class rooms & cloakrooms

Finn, Tilly & Iwan – Litter pick school grounds, ensure taps are off in main toilets

Katie & Olivia – Water Plants

Harry & Lacey – Energy check & Award

Heather & Megan – Competitions & Campaigns

Eco Committee meeting minutes