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In Willow class we are all superheroes and we never let anything defeat us!

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What we have been doing

Summer 2:

This half term we have been super busy becoming entrepreneurs. We have researched and documented the impact of many famous and successful entrepreneurs in order to inspire our ideas. We then created our own ideas and narrowed these down as a class to decide what we wanted to make for the summer fair. We chose 3 things, book marks (hand sewn), summer key rings and cake cones! We felt like this allowed us to use a variety of mediums in order to create the desired effect. We have been particularly patient when learning our techniques for sewing!

In mission maths we have worked incredibly hard to cover a range of different topics: time, position, direction, shape, capacity and weight! We used a range of techniques in order to find different ways to help us remember different facts. Such  as: 

Vertical- I don't like heights!

Horizontal- As flat as the horizon

Acute angles- So cute it is smaller than 90'

Obtuse angles- SOOOOOOO obese they are larger than 90'

Right angles- so perfect they can fit a square within them and measure precisely 90'

Coordinates- Show position/direction, like a plane, they must go across the runway, before they can go up. 

These are just some of the ways we have found to help us remember important facts! 

In Mission English we have delved into traditional tales and particularly focused on Little Red Riding Hood. We have written a number of gripping descriptions and created our own characters in order to create our own twist of the tale. We then used our narratives and turned them into play scripts, focusing on the features and acting out our own tales for Cherry and Elm class!

We have also had a number of science days and have loved every aspect of it! Forces, food webs, magnetisim etc! We are all budding scientists, using a range of scientific investigations to aid our inquiries

Summer 1:

In maths we have really delved into a range of subjects from area and perimeter, comparing and ordering money, solving a rang of problems. We have also began to look at a range of statistical representation and pulling information from these. 

In Mission English we have been focusing on performance poetry, looking at the features and creating our own performance poems about our Tour de Yorkshire experiences from what we have learnt. We then shared our amazing poems with Sycamore class, which they loved! We have now moved onto the features of a debate and then we will be holding our own debate, in class, as to whether the Tour de Yorkshire is beneficial to the local community or not. 

In Mission this half term we have been looking in depth at the Tour de Yorkshire and the geography associated with it. We have used maps and atlases to locate the 7 continents, different countries, the UK and cities within the UK. We have also looked at the different features and how to identify these on our maps. We then worked well in our teams to plot the Tour de Yorkshire route using the profiles and our knowledge of land forms to help us.

We have also had a great focus on science covering a multitude of topics in lots of different active ways. In our teams we identified the human bones and muscles, created our own healthy eating plate and understood the correct proportions. We have also classified animals into their different types and now know the characteristics of each animal type. We have briefly looked at forces, how every force is a push or a pull but we don't have to touch it for it to be able to move, as well as how materials can change states between solids, liquids and gases and some changes are irreversible. Finally we did a full science day on plants, what they need to survive, dissected a plant into its different parts, the life cycle and planted our very own plants to take care of now we know how to care for them. 

Spring 2:

This half term we have really delved into our 'Extreme Earth' topic. We have looked at the structure of the earth, how volcanoes are formed, how earthquakes occur and briefly visited other natural disasters. From this we have created a range of art and design pieces in our own individual ways, we even made our own 3D volcanoes!

During Mission science we have been investigating habitats, what they are, different types as well as how ecosystems work. We began to look at how habitats are being destroyed in a range  of ways and how we can prevent this from happening. We discovered that our own habitat, our planet, is being destroyed by the greenhouse effect and the ever disappearing ozone layer. We are striving towards becoming more ecofriendly and we hope to win the eco award in the summer term. 

In PE we have been lucky enough to have the coach, we have been working on futsal techniques and eventually working up towards a full game!

In Mission English we have become superheroes and saved the world from an extreme natural disaster which occurred in England. We saved the world in our different ways using our own unique powers/skills. We have written some fantastic pieces of work which have been published in our class Superhero book.

Throughout the term, in Mission Maths, we have mastered fractions, decimals and multiplication in a range of different ways and we cannot wait to apply this further next half term when we look at measurement and statistics.


Children are asked to read every day, whether this be to an adult or another person. This can be recorded in their yellow homework diary. Please do ask children a variety of questions. A helpful sheet has been attached below to help guide the questioning around texts.

Every week children are given mental maths homework which has been differentiated to their level. Please encourage your child to complete as much of this independently before support is given, but also encourage them to use objects and pictures to aid their calculations.

Handwriting practice sheets are offered to the children each week, if your child does not take one, please do encourage them to still practice in their handwriting book at home. 

Mission possible, each half term the children are given a homework booklet, children can be as creative as they wish and if they would like to investigate a subject further then please encourage them to do so. We are always to see what the children are passionate about!

Recommended Reading List

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