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Covid - 19 Catch Up Funding

A good proportion of the 2020-21 premium was carried over to 2021-22.

This has been used for School Led Tutoring and booster catch up clubs during the Spring Term 2022. 

School Led Tutoring was delivered before, during, and after school, with up to 15 hours allocated to the 97 children benefitting.  

Impact will be published in July 2022.


Catch up 2021 / 2022

When children are  isolating due to Covid, teachers are keeping a close track on curriculum content that has been missed in order to revisit with those children on their return.   This way of teaching and tracking is now embedded in our ongoing monitoring of the children due to the current regularity of this issue.


During 2020 / 2021 Covid Catch up was a big focus for the teaching staff.

During periods of lockdown Pupil Engagement was recorded as part of the school assessment.  This was used against the taught curriculum to identify gaps in learning.  Please see the plan below.

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Health & Wellbeing during Covid-19

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Teachers Video to pupils during 'lockdown'

https://www.wevideo.com/view/1658919297        We hope you like it !