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Return to School Curriculum Coverage Intentions - March 2021


Please see below for details of our learning intentions on our return to school over the next three weeks until the Easter Term.

 As you are aware we are not planning to formally assess the children until we return after Easter in the second week.  This will enable the children to have got fully back into the swing of learning before they tackle our internal assessments.  

Over the next three weeks the teachers will be using the levels of engagement over lockdown to support the informal assessment as they consolidate and deliver new learning.

Following the assessments we are planning to hold parents evenings on either 28th  and  29th April from 3pm for all classes.   At the moment we are hoping to hold face to face meetings with the teachers - however we will be directed by any national guidance at the time.  More details will follow shortly for these meetings.  

If we are not able to go forward with the face to face meets we will arrange google meets instead.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Return to school - 8th March 2021 

Please see the document below that provides information relating to the return to school for ALL children on 8th March 2021.

 Key points relate to the earlier school finish as decided prior to the 3rd Lockdown in January 2021 and the testing of staff twice weekly that could cause temporary immediate closure of bubbles.

Please note that all teaching staff will be back in school (providing there is no illness) and classes / bubbles will resume as during the Autumn Term. 

Where individual children need to self isolate we will provide the daily work on line for the children and where whole classes need to isolate we will remote teach as we have been doing over the past seven weeks.  - Please refer to our School Remote Learning Policy below.

 Thank you  

Miss Langridge

Links for learning ...

A challenge from Miss Langridge - 5th February 2021

In honour of and in memory of our National Hero Captain Sir Tom I would like you to come up with an idea to complete 100 of something. It could be 100 star jumps or run 100 m x 100 times. It may be drawing 100 somethings.

Try to come up with some orignal ideas and share them on this page in a photo throughout the week.

I can't wait to see what wonderful ideas you have.

Well done again for the the hard work from everyone this week and have a lovely safe weekend. Take care.

Miss Langridge

 Virtual School Library

Free reading and writing activities from your favourite childrens’ authors from the National Literacy Trust.



Explaining Covid-19 to younger children - story book



BBC Bitesize

Follow the attached links for additional resources to support your child with their home learning.


Marines and Oceans Virtual home learning

national aquarium-learning-sessions

Story Magazines to help children in times of covid


Scan the QR codes below to access the books and resources!

Instructions on how to use Google Classroom

 Copy of Getting onto google classroom - parent_student guide.pptxDownload
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Instructions on how to use google meet.

 Student guide to using google meet within the classroom.pdfDownload
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Remote Learning Policy

Update 28th Jan 2021 - please note the Year 1/2 bubble in school is closed until Monday 8th February 2021 due to a positive case of Covid

Children will be able to access the remote learning online as usual.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Update 10th January 2021

Remote Learning

  We have added some "live sessions" that we believe will help the children feel more part of the school day as they are remote learning.  Please read carefully and access the codes of the new group classes for 

Acorn, Pine and Elm


Cherry, Chestnut and Willow


Sycamore, Maple and Oak


There is also a sample timetable to help you structure the day - please note this is for guidance only.

Thursday 3rd December 2020

Please see below for an information video from the Government of how we can help ourselves keep safe by remembering the key rules.


Details of how schools need to keep occupied spaces well ventilated.

Over the past week this has become more of a concern for parents as the temperature has dropped outside so I felt it necessary to share the exact detail clearly of previously shared information.

In short, as a school we are ensuring that the school is well ventilated by opening windows but we are also ensuring that the heating is being used to compensate for the colder air entering the class to support a continued comfortable working environment for the children and staff.

We are however mindful that parents may want to send their children in additional (non school uniform) layers of clothing.  This is perfectly accepted by the school and we would actively encourage parents to ensure that their children are wearing suitable warm layers underneath their school jumpers/ hoodie.  And of course in the same vain we would urge parents to ensure their children have a suitable outdoor coat as we still have children coming to school without.

Please do take the time to read the information extracted from the guidance which can be seen below.   We are keeping up to date with recommendations and guidance from both the LA and Government and we would urge you to check this page regularly to ensure that you are aware of relevant changes. 


8) Keeping occupied spaces well ventilated

Once the school is in operation, it is important to ensure it is well ventilated and a comfortable teaching environment is maintained.

This can be achieved by a variety of measures including:

  • mechanical ventilation systems – these should be adjusted to increase the ventilation rate wherever possible, and checked to confirm that normal operation meets current guidance (if possible, systems should be adjusted to full fresh air or, if not, then systems should be operated as normal as long as they are within a single room and supplemented by an outdoor air supply)
  • natural ventilation – opening windows (in cooler weather windows should be opened just enough to provide constant background ventilation, and opened more fully during breaks to purge the air in the space). Opening internal doors can also assist with creating a throughput of air
  • natural ventilation – if necessary external opening doors may also be used (as long as they are not fire doors and where safe to do so)

Further advice on this can be found in Health and Safety Executive guidance on air conditioning and ventilation during the coronavirus outbreak and CIBSE coronavirus (COVID-19) advice.

To balance the need for increased ventilation while maintaining a comfortable temperature, the following measures should also be used as appropriate:

  • opening high level windows in preference to low level to reduce draughts
  • increasing the ventilation while spaces are unoccupied (e.g. between classes, during break and lunch, when a room is unused)
  • providing flexibility to allow additional, suitable indoor clothing. For more information see School uniform
  • rearranging furniture where possible to avoid direct drafts

Government Guidance for the Wider opening of schools - updated 26th November 2020

Please see details of updated guidance received on 27th November 2020.

Schools will remain open.


Where are we after Lockdown?

Schools will remain open.

Please note that the whole of the Selby Area has been placed into Tier Two - see below for link to restrictions.

Please ensure you follow the guideline to help keep our community safe.


South Yorkshire / East Ridings and some parts of West Yorkshire will return to Tier 3.

16th November 2020 - Government update of

" what parents need to know"

Please follow the link below to see the latest update from 12th November.


Remote Learning Policy - October 2020

Please see below for the remote learning policy which will support the delivery of online and remote teaching and learning in line with the Government Directive which came into force on 22nd October 2020

Please ensure that all forms and permissions are returned to school or submitted through parent mail to ensure that your child is able to fully benefit from this provision safely.

Update Wednesday 4th November 2020

Please see the link below for updated information regarding new restrictions - including after school clubs.

We are able to continue to run ALL our after school clubs including Football, Woodland, Catch up and Boosters according to the guidance.  With effect from next week - all these clubs will run as normal with Catch up and Booster finishing at 4pm and Football and Woodland finishing at 4:15pm.

We are aware that some families are using tutors to supplement learning at school at present - please note that the guidance states that this should be suspended until the restrictions are lifted.  Online tutoring can of course continue.


We would ask you to continue to keep a close eye on this site along with the Government sites  relating to education.


Miss Langridge

31st October 2020 - Government Update

Schools will remain open during the forthcoming national lockdown.  Parents will be expected to send their children to school as normal.  If you believe your child or a member of your family is critically vulnerable please contact Miss Langridge on Monday 2nd November in order to discuss how we can ensure continuity of education should your child need to be sheilding.

All previous guidance with regards suspected / positive cases of COVID should continued to be followed.

 Thanks Miss Langridge

31st October 2020 - Government Update

Schools will remain open during the forthcoming national lockdown.  Parents will be expected to send their children to school as normal.  If you believe your child or a member of your family is critically vulnerable please contact Miss Langridge on Monday 2nd November in order to discuss how we can ensure continuity of education should your child need to be sheilding.

All previous guidance with regards suspected / positive cases of COVID should continued to be followed.

 Thanks Miss Langridge

From 22 October, schools must provide immediate access to remote learning to any pupils who can’t attend school due to coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes where a class, group or a small number of pupils need to self-isolate, or local restrictions require pupils to remain at home.

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Update 23rd September 2020

As anticipated there was very little change for schools in yesterday's announcement from the Prime Minister.

However it should be noted that the recommendation is that adults do wear masks both inside and outside when out and about - we will not policing this but would appreciate cooperation.  We do realise that some people will be exempt and therefore we will not be questioning anyone.

Please see attached a letter from Public Health to parents and carers regarding being clear about symptoms and testing.

Thank you - Miss Langridge

Update -18th September 2020

Good Morning - Having spoken with the DFE this morning I can confirm that parents of all children who have been tested for Covid will need to provide school with written (email or text screen shot) evidence of their negative test results of that has caused their child to self isolate before we can allow them back in school.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SCREEN SHOT SENT MUST SHOW AN THE  CURRENT DATE OF THE TEST OR THE CURRENT DATE THAT RESULTS WERE RECEIVED as we are aware that previous tests may have been taken. Please help us in trying to keep our community safe. NHS guidance states that all negative results should be received by text or email. Many thanks Miss L


We are currently aware that some families have been using tutors during lock down and over the holidays.   This is great that you have been assisting your child's education.  We very much want the support to be a joint effort and as recommended by the Education Endowment Fund Document we would like to work alongside your home tutors to ensure that the areas of development for your child are being targeted correctly and most efficiently to coincide with the work we will be doing in school.   I would therefore request that if you would like your chosen tutor to work with school please ask them to contact me directly on headteacher@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk or Mrs Coventry on coventry@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk so that we are able to direct the communication with teachers.  Please do not email the teachers directly in the first instance.   The amount of work  and organisation required for coordinating this is likely to be increased due to the situation and we will have a dedicated system to ensure free flow communication is set up.  

We are also in the process of organising academic tutoring within the school day to support "covid catch up" but we are awaiting details from the organisations who are able to work with us.

If you have any questions regarding a tutor for your child please do ask and we will be happy to assist you.

Miss Langridge

Updated Guidance from NYCC - 19th September 2020

Details of Government Guidance which has been translated into different languages.



Good Evening - sorry for the Friday evening message but I felt it was important to communicate regarding a false rumour that has been brought to my attention. To clarify WHITLEY AND EGGBOROUGH SCHOOL IS NOT CLOSING ON MONDAY 21st SEPTEMBER 2020 OR ANY OTHER DAY NEXT WEEK. We have NO confirmed cases and all test results received to date from both staff and children have been NEGATIVE. I will as ever update you when and as needed. As you are very aware I feel very strongly about good communication between the school and our community. Miss L

I wanted to take a few moments to highlight some positives and some points to consider following various conversations with parents over the past two weeks.


I would like to thank all the children and parents/carers for their cooperation and patience following our return to school last week.  We are constantly reviewing the systems and will need to make some changes in order to improve things for all.

We have received some lovely comments of gratitude from both children and parents which have been well received by the staff who have worked incredibly hard to get things in place for the return to school.

The children have all settled back into the new routines well and are working hard with enthusiasm.


We reviewed the giving out of birthday sweets and owing to trying to keep things brought into school to a minimum we are saying NO at the present time.  We realise this can be disappointing to the children but we appreciate your cooperation.

We will be trying not to send any work home with the children created in Art / DT for similar reasons - we are requesting not to send homework in and so it is perhaps only fair that we do not send from school - the teachers are being informed of this to ensure that with effect from tomorrow this does not occur.

I will be updating the notes to send to parents to reflect any changes made over the past two weeks and to make things such as behaviour expectations explicitly clear as we absolutely need your support to share these expectations with the children - for example, there should be no physical contact/coughing/spitting/licking or blowing on each other.  The children in Year 2 and up are seated in rows and so should not be turning around - removing the opportunity to do any of these things face to face.  I will let all know when the update is sent and will highlight changes to avoid you having to re-read and find the changes.

Health & Wellbeing during Covid-19

 compass buzz resources.pdfDownload
 coronavirus-mental-health-and-wellbeing-resources (1).pdfDownload
 coronavirus-mental-health-and-wellbeing-toolkit-2 (1).pdfDownload
 Support for pupils and parents in primary schools in relation to mental and emotional wellbeing - NYES.pdfDownload
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Return to School!

Teachers Video to pupils during 'lockdown'

https://www.wevideo.com/view/1658919297        We hope you like it !  


Keeping busy,  Keeping active and having fun!

Very Talented Chefs in the making .....

Take a look through the gallery from WECPS!

Useful Links for home learning / example timetable for learning 

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 Useful links for home learning.pdfDownload
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