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Indvidual School Photos29Sep2020

8:30 am - 12:30 pm @ School Hall

Parents are welcome to bring pre school children at 08:30 for a photos with siblings.

Hello Yellow Day09Oct2020

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Update -18th September 2020

Good Morning - Having spoken with the DFE this morning I can confirm that parents of all children who have been tested for Covid will need to provide school with written (email or text screen shot) evidence of their negative test results of that has caused their child to self isolate before we can allow them back in school.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SCREEN SHOT SENT MUST SHOW AN THE  CURRENT DATE OF THE TEST OR THE CURRENT DATE THAT RESULTS WERE RECEIVED as we are aware that previous tests may have been taken. Please help us in trying to keep our community safe. NHS guidance states that all negative results should be received by text or email. Many thanks Miss L

Update from Miss Langridge -

16th September 2020  to follow!

I wanted to take a few moments to highlight some positives and some points to consider following various conversations with parents over the past two weeks.


I would like to thank all the children and parents/carers for their cooperation and patience following our return to school last week.  We are constantly reviewing the systems and will need to make some changes in order to improve things for all.

We have received some lovely comments of gratitude from both children and parents which have been well received by the staff who have worked incredibly hard to get things in place for the return to school.

The children have all settled back into the new routines well and are working hard with enthusiasm.


We reviewed the giving out of birthday sweets and owing to trying to keep things brought into school to a minimum we are saying NO at the present time.  We realise this can be disappointing to the children but we appreciate your cooperation.

We will be trying not to send any work home with the children created in Art / DT for similar reasons - we are requesting not to send homework in and so it is perhaps only fair that we do not send from school - the teachers are being informed of this to ensure that with effect from tomorrow this does not occur.

I will be updating the notes to send to parents to reflect any changes made over the past two weeks and to make things such as behaviour expectations explicitly clear as we absolutely need your support to share these expectations with the children  - for example, there should be no physical contact/coughing/spitting/licking or blowing on each other.  The children in Year 2 and up are seated in rows and so should not be turning around - removing the opportunity to do any of these things face to face.  I will let all know when the update is sent and will highlight changes to avoid you having to re-read and find the changes.


Attention Year 6 - please see below for links to all High School Transition Pages - we cannot confirm as yet that all High Schools will be working with us - to date Brayton are happy to join in to support your choices.  I will be in touch with all High School during this week to confirm..

Updated Menu 

Please note - a new menu has been supplied to us, therefore, this replaces the previous menu.  Please see the updated menus under the heading Parents, School Meals.  Week 1 is from 7th September, Week 2 from 14th September and Week 3 from 21st September. 

8th September 2020 update.

Good Morning - please see the information below regarding a video which is streaming on Tik Tok - please be very careful and check what your child is watching.

Thanks to the mum who gave me the heads up this morning. Miss Langridge


Extract from online news!

"Parents have been urged to keep their children and teenagers away from TikTok after vision began circulating of a man committing suicide.

The Chinese-run social media app is still struggling to delete the graphic video, which features a 33-year-old man from the US taking his own life.

The disturbing video, which is too graphic to share, was originally live-streamed on Facebook before making its way to the video-sharing app early on Tuesday."

Update 5th September 

Please see above for the final checklist -  the main details remain the same as the previous document sent in July and resent in August .

The following guidance has been updated by the Government on 28th August and reissued today - 1st September.


Parent Guidance from Government - updated 1st September 2020 


We are really looking forward to seeing all the children back in school but would urge you to ensure that they are fully aware of the rules and recommendations - especially the non-negotiable aspects. 

I would like to reiterate the importance of arriving / leaving school at the given time for your child's Key Stage as noted in the guidance - this is to ensure that we stagger arrivals and departures to avoid congestion.  Please note that parents will not be able to come on site when dropping children off in the mornings.

You will be aware that we have a new catering service starting in September - we will be sending the new menu out in the next couple of days for you to look at.   There will be an online system for booking meals available once we get back to school.  This should make it more simple for you to choose and order food on a weekly basis.


We are currently aware that some families have been using tutors during lock down and over the holidays.   This is great that you have been assisting your child's education.  We very much want the support to be a joint effort and as recommended by the Education Endowment Fund Document we would like to work alongside your home tutors to ensure that the areas of development for your child are being targeted correctly and most efficiently to coincide with the work we will be doing in school.   I would therefore request that if you would like your chosen tutor to work with school please ask them to contact me directly on headteacher@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk or Mrs Coventry on coventry@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk so that we are able to direct the communication with teachers.  Please do not email the teachers directly in the first instance.   The amount of work  and organisation required for coordinating this is likely to be increased due to the situation and we will have a dedicated system to ensure free flow communication is set up.  

We are also in the process of organising academic tutoring within the school day to support "covid catch up" but we are awaiting details from the organisations who are able to work with us.

If you have any questions regarding a tutor for your child please do ask and we will be happy to assist you.

Miss Langridge

Year 6 Leavers video

We hope you enjoy watching the video - we are sorry we could not say these things in person.  We will miss you all and wish you all the very best.


We would like to thank Mrs Lee Stokes for all her hard work in collating all the messages.


A final letter .....

Further update from Miss Langridge regarding the Return to School in September 2020

Update from Miss Langridge - 6th June 2020

This week saw our wider reopening for Year 6, Year 1 and Year Reception children in addition to the classes we have provided for our Key Worker and Vulnerable  children throughout lockdown.  It was great to see so many smiling faces meet us as the gate - it made us realise again quite how much we have missed everyone.

We have worked incredibly hard to ensure that our school is a safe as possible and we are making adjustments on a daily basis as things arise.  We are very grateful to all the staff who have embraced a new style of teaching and of course to the children who have shown maturity during what is a tricky time.

We would also like to thank parents for their support, their gratitude and their understanding, especially when we need to change things.  

We do not know what is next - we can only predict and we are therefore making a range of plans to ensure that we are ready for the next announcement.

September 2020 seems a long way off but we are listening and we are prepared to do what ever it takes to get back to some sense of normality.

Take a look at some of the areas of the school to see what it looks like now!

Update from Miss Langridge 21st May

Take a look at our video from us to you ...



We hope you like it   

Welcome to Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School 

 May I welcome you and your child to the school.  Whitley and Eggborough school provides a high standard of teaching for all children who attend.  Children obtain good national test results and receive a well-rounded education from experienced, committed teachers and other staff.  As well as high levels of achievement, our philosophy is that children should enjoy learning and school life and feel part of the family atmosphere we work hard to foster.

Opened originally in 1877, the school was extensively rebuilt in the early 1970s and was recently further extended in 2011.  It has a pleasing open aspect to the rear of the buildings, looking over farm and woodland.  We have our own woodland and pond area, which we enjoy and use as an integral part of our curriculum work.

At Whitley and Eggborough School, our vision is provided through a rich range of memorable learning experiences, learning experiences that affect the emotions. In other words, learning that excites and charges experience, learning that makes our children feel something significant and provides experiences that they will remember for a long, long time. This is achieved through creating learning opportunities in the classroom that are inclusive, meaningful and thrilling. Learning moments and experiences engage the children and excite their emotions, send a shiver through the soul and put them in ‘challenging’ situations.

We want to encourage learning for the future and so it is vitally important that the children are happy, secure and that their learning journey is fun. 

If you require paper copies of any information available on our website, please contact the school office. We will be happy to provide these free of charge.  These can also be made available in large print, braille or another language.


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Headteacher: Miss S Langridge

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