Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

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School Uniform

We are proud of our school uniform and all children are expected to wear it. We have learned that the wearing of uniform gives a sense of belonging and pride in our school. Our uniform is as follows:





Black tailored trousers.

Red, plain sweatshirt or jumper.

White polo shirt or plain white shirt.


Black knee length skirt or trousers.

Red, plain sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan. 

White polo shirt or plain white shirt


Jeans, jogging bottoms or leggings are not allowed.


SUMMER  - As for winter plus

Plain black tailored shorts knee length

     (not Bermudas or cycling shorts)

Red and White checked dress knee length

Plain black tailored shorts knee length

(not Bermudas or cycling shorts)





Outdoor — As for indoor plus

 Black shorts (Not Bermudas or wide legged  shorts for safety reasons.).

 White T-shirt.

 Indoor P.E. is carried out in bare feet.


Black jogging trousers and sweatshirt or Black tracksuit (in winter).

Trainers or additional pair of pumps.




Footwear:  Only black sensible school shoes are permitted.  Trainers are NOT allowed to be worn for school.

All children require a pair of wellington boots to be kept in school, to enable them to access the school field at break and lunchtime during the winter months.

Uniform with our school badge is available from Classroom Clothing, Selby. Please copy the link address below to access the website.  Clothing is available either online or instore.