Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

Caring, Helping and Sharing

Year 6 Transition to High School 

Brayton Academy will be holding an Open day on Saturday 2nd October 2021 - see details above.

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RESCHEDULED Please see details about the open evening at The Snaith School on 7th October  2021 - 4:30pm to 7:30pm.  Previously booked tickets will remain the same times.

“It was an absolute pleasure to spend some time talking about Careers with year 6 at Whitley and Eggborough Community Primary School today.  Pupils very quickly made links between classroom learning and their dream jobs, helping them understand why each and every subject is important, but with a class made up of aspiring artists, surgeons, Youtubers, professional footballers, teachers and vets to name but a few, we shouldn’t be surprised.  They came up with some great questions which were offered with lovely manners.  Well done year 6! You definitely earned your prizes!  Good luck with what I am sure will be bright and shiny futures”     Mrs Marsham

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The Read School Drax are holding an open day for Year 6 children for Year 7 on Saturday 9th October 2021  -  9:30am to 12:30am

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