Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

Caring, Helping and Sharing

Cherry Class - Year 2

Teacher:  Miss L Frier

email:  frier@whitley.n-yorks.sch.uk

Access code for Google Classroom - 


Google Classroom


Every child in the school has been given a home login for google classroom (it will be their own personal school email).

Their password is generic --> Password1          (captial P)

Half Term Information Sheet

Please find below the Summer 2 information Sheet for parents/carers, which contains general information about the year and this half term.

Phonics help for parents


Here is a useful video with how to pronounce the sounds in words if your child is struggling with sounding out words when they are reading and you are wanting to help them with sounding out the words: 



 Free online phonics lessons .pdfDownload
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We want children to have a whole diet of reading which can be fulfilled through:

Reading their school book, either the Oxford Reading Tree books or RWI phonics books online. These books are phonetically decodable for the children and also allows us to consistently track the progress of pupils throughout school.

We listen to children read every week and will move the child on book bands when we feel appropriate. We appreciate that the school reading books may not be suited to all children's interest which is why we encourage the whole diet of reading and not just a focus solely on the banded books. Please note there are different numbered levels within the coloured book band however these are all grouped together so sometimes your child may have a level 9, then 7 then 8 for example.


Their school library book and any books they read at home for pleasure for reading. This allows children to read or have read to them a book that is more adapted to their interests and exposes them to language that they may not be able to read themselves. The more genres of books and different text types they are exposed to the better.


Whole class reading book and other related books within English and Mission lessons in school. These provide all children the opportunity to develop their reading comprehension skills and make their writing purposeful when linked to a text.


Below are recommended reading lists for year 2 and year 3 that are good quality texts for their age group.


There is also the reading VIPERS poster which we use in class and reminds them of the reading skills they use whilst reading.


Finally there is a document containing reading questions for parents to ask and discuss whilst reading with their child to help further develop their reading skills at home.


If you discuss any of these questions with them, please include it in their yellow homework diary. If your child has read their school reading book, please write in their yellow homework diary when they have finished so that we can change their book for them and comment on any words they had to sound out, got wrong, corrected reading on etc. Please also keep a log of any other books they are reading at home in their Homework diary as we love to discuss these with children.


 Recommended reading list Yr 2.pdfDownload
 Recommended reading list Yr 3.pdfDownload
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 KS1 reading questions .pdfDownload
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 Reading VIPERS.pngDownload
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Spelling Cards

 1- Red Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
 2- Yellow Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
 3- Pink Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
 4- Green Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
 5- Blue Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
 6- Orange Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
 7- Purple Spelling Challenge 2017.docxDownload
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Year 2 Information

All the objectives in the information below will be worked on throughout the year. Any extra support you can provide in helping your child to achieve these is greatly valued and will help with their SATs.


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Homework Booklet

Please find below the Homework Booklet for Summer 2. The home learning activities are linked to the areas we are focusing on in class, and have been carefully chosen to develop different skills in relation to a variety of curriculum subjects. All homework will be shared on a Friday and displayed proudly in our classroom.


With it being the last half term we don't have a specific Mission but instead are finishing off lots of different amazing curriculum tasks therefore children can complete any homework from any of the past homework booklets they might not have completed or they can bring in something special to share and we will show and tell these during homework time on a Friday.

Special Mentions and CHAS

Every Friday we come together as a school to celebrate the children's hard work across our school; we do this by awarding one (on exception more than one), child per class Special Mention, and one child per class CHAS recognition. The child will be rewarded a badge for each and if given CHAS will be able to take home our CHAS dragon for the week and CHAS book to write about what adventures CHAS gets up to with you.

During our celebration assembly we also celebrate weekly birthdays and award the winning classes with the Eco and Attendance awards. 

The weekly Special Mention and CHAS for Cherry class is be recorded below.



This Half Term's Special Mention:


Week 1 - Heidi for coming back after half term with such a positive attitude and a great big smile on her face

Week 2 - Lola for always being such a pleasure to have in Cherry class. Lola is always so hardworking and polite and sets a great example

Week 3 - Goes to Scarlett this week for a lovely postcard she wrote about her time in year 2

Week 4 - Special mention goes to Jasmine for really coming out in herself and generally growing in confidence this past week 

Week 5 - 

Week 6 -

Week 7 -



This Half Term's CHAS:


Week 1 - Dylan for being very helpful this week offering to do jobs and being thoughtful towards others 

Week 2 - Abigail for always helping in class, giving books out, picking things up and generally being so helpful

Week 3 - Oliver for being kind to others this week and setting a great example to others

Week 4 - CHAS goes to Esmay for always showing CHAS qualities and setting a great example

Week 5 - 

Week 6 -

Week 7 -


What we have been doing this half term

In Maths we have been revising areas that we feel we need a little more practice on to get us ready for moving in to year 3.

We have been telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes, the children enjoy telling each other what time it is and now can work out how long it is until play times and our next lessons.

We have looked at measurement again but this time using relevant equipment and taking measurements ourselves. we have measured mass, capacity and length and height of every day items.


In English we are writing postcards. We are going to write postcards to our grown ups to tell you all about our time in year 2. We have looked at the purpose and features of post cards and have written down our favourite memories of year 2 to include in our postcards.

We have put our memories in to full sentences to form the first draft of our postcard using lots of descriptive language to help our audience to really visualise and understand what our time has been like in year 2.


In Geography we have had a walk around our school to see which human and physical features we have around us. We then looked at some aerial view maps of our local area and combined this information to create our own map of our school and surrounding areas. We then created a key to show what everything was on the map and wrote sentences about the geographical features on there using compass directions.


We have enjoyed making Father's day cards ready to give for our loved ones on Sunday.


In Art we have made clay pots as something to take home and remember our time in year 2 by. We have designed them thinking about the shape and decoration. We then also added a lid to our pots and attached handles. We looked at how we can manipulate the clay and how the medium works. We are excited to get them painted and take them home.


We have been practising hard in PE ready for sports day taking part in relay races and working hard to improve our own running times.


We had a wonderful assembly this week where people came in to teach us about instruments. They taught us lots and played pieces of music for us. We really enjoyed it.


We also were very lucky to have someone come and do a judo taster session with us. They taught us some moves and reminded us that judo is a martial arts and can only be done on the special mat