Whitley And Eggborough Community Primary School

Caring, Helping and Sharing

CHaS and Special Mention Weekly Awards

Achievements and Rewards

Dragon Points

 Children are placed in one of four dragon teams:

  • Fire drake - Red
  • Anzu - Blue
  • Lemisch - Yellow
  • Masingi - Green


All adults in school have dragon cards and these are awarded for Caring Helping And Sharing.  The children can earn them whenever they do something which is Caring Helping And Sharing, anywhere in school and at any time throughout the day. Dragon cards are collected at the end of the week.


Dragon cards are each worth 1p. Totals are converted into cash and this money is then sent to the charity the school has chosen to support that year.


 Special Mentions

 These are given out weekly during special mentions assembly on a Friday.  Special mentions are awarded to the child/children who have excelled in a particular area that week or have demonstrated excellent effort.


Merit Mart

All children can earn merit points for work well done or showing excellent effort.  These can then be spent in the 'Merit Mart'.


 Merit Awards

 At the end of each term, merit badges and certificates are awarded to the children who have consistently shown excellent effort, achievement and demonstrated a caring, helping and sharing attitude, throughout the whole term.


CHAS Badges

 Each week, one CHAS (Caring Helping And Sharing) badge may be awarded by each teacher to a child who has shown themselves excel in this area.


Monopoly - Attendance Award

The class with the highest attendance each Friday rolls the dice for the Monopoly board, and claim a reward for the whole class.


Eco Award

Each week the class who has been the most eco friendly wins the class eco trophy.